Used Tesla Model X Or New Model Y?


When it comes to buying an electric car, many look no further than Tesla. With a fantastic charging network and reputation as the undisputed leader in EVs, the brand continues to grow year-on-year. But if you\’re in the market for a Tesla, and want a crossover or SUV, are you better off buying a used Model X or just getting a new Model Y? YouTuber Bearded Tesla Guy let us know his thoughts on the matter in his most recent video.

Comparing a 2019 Tesla Model X Long Range with a new Model Y, Bearded Tesla Guy first discussed interior space. You can get both the X and Y in 7-seat guise, however third row passengers have significantly more leg and head room in the X versus the Y.

He also noted the Model X\’s ride was much better than the Y\’s, largely thanks to air suspension. There\’s also plenty more premium features in the X, like cooled seats. The X\’s infotainment is rather dated however, but that said it still runs very well. 

He described the X\’s seats as comfortable but \”aggressive\” as they are bucket style and tend to hug you. He noted some will like this, whereas others won\’t. He also praised the driver door that automatically closes, as well as the rear falcon wing doors that work brilliantly in tight spaces. 

The six-seat X is the ideal interior layout according to Bearded Tesla Guy, with the captain\’s chairs offering more space and being super comfortable. The instrument cluster in front of the driver is a neat feature and something the Model Y of course lacks. Real-world range is close between the Long Range X and Y (around 250 – 300 miles), however the Y charges much faster. 

Bearded Tesla Guy concluded that if money is no object get a new 2022 Model X with an updated infotainment system and faster charging. However, if you have a budget of around $60,000 the Model Y offers greater efficiency and superior hardware versus a pre-facelift X. That said, if you have a large family or want the extra space, a used Model X could be a better choice for you – it really comes down to personal preference. There\’s also the fact that the X is simply more exclusive and unique – Model Y\’s are seemingly everywhere and somewhat dull in comparison with the sleek, timeless Model X and its falcon doors.

Would you take a used Model X over a new Model Y? Let us know down in the comments below. 


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