The state of Michigan has approved the use of electronic license plates, which can increase the price to support GPS positioning, and the price is not cheap



According to Engadget reports,
Michigan drivers can now choose to install electronic license plates in their
cars, can locate lost vehicles and receive public safety alerts.

Electronic license plate maker
Reviver has announced that Michigan residents and businesses can now purchase
the device, known as RPlate, online. Consumers can choose between
two models: a battery-powered license plate and a GPS-enabled wired-powered
license plate.



According to reports, the RPlate
is essentially a license plate with a high-definition display and LTE
connectivity (GPS version capability), including several safety and
personalization features. The license plate can be toggled between
light/dark mode, and personalized content can be displayed at the
bottom. The GPS-enabled license plate also includes a telematics
transponder, so it can locate a lost or stolen vehicle and send an alert to the
driver\’s smartphone when suspicious movement is detected. A companion mobile app allows drivers to track mileage online and update
their vehicle registration.

Electric Wheelco learned that the
prices of these two license plates are not low. The monthly subscription
price of battery-powered license plates is $ 19.95 (about 134.66
yuan), and the monthly subscription price of GPS-enabled license plates is
$ 24.95 (about 168.41 yuan). For professional
installation, you need to pay an additional $150 (about 1012.5 yuan). The
company is also developing new features, including integration with toll roads,
parking meters, and other DMV services.

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