Tesloid’s Model Y Frunk Cooler is the perfect roadtrip companion this summer


If you’re a Tesla Model Y driver looking to take full advantage of the frunk this summer, Tesloid’s Model Y Frunk Cooler is an excellent way of doing so. With a durable, versatile, and waterproof design, the Tesloid Model Y Frunk Cooler can keep your food cold and fresh for hours while on your summer roadtrips.

Tesloid’s Frunk Cooler and Food Bag fits all model years of the Model Y and is designed to fit perfectly inside your Tesla’s front trunk. It’s made from durable, high quality fabrics that take advantage of added stuffing to handle maximum load and still maintain its shape. In total, it offers you around 2.8 cubic feet of space, with a dual-sided design for pantry storage and cooler storage.

The left side of Tesloid’s Frunk Cooler is thermally insulated, making it perfect for hot/cold perishable food and cold drinks. It features a waterproof base with water-resistant zippers. It’s rated for a layer of ice on the bottom of the bag, or you can also use packaged ice for even more convenience.

On the other side of Tesloid’s Model Y accessory is the “pantry side,” where you can store everything else. This is for non-perishable foods like chips, pretzels, and other snacks.

The dual-sided design of the Tesloid Frunk Cooler and Food Bag is what makes it such a perfect roadtrip companion this summer. You can have your cold drinks and perishable foods on one side and your snacks on the other side.

With the design of the Frunk Cooler, Tesloid also made sure to focus on all of the little details. There are built in lift handles to make it easy to carry around, the two sides are detachable, and there are even built-in side pockets for storing things like napkins, silverware, and more.

To recap, here’s what you can expect from Tesloid’s Frunk Cooler and Food Bag:

  • Frunk is for Food: Fresh for hours, on the go and easy to carry roadtrip bag? Just when you thought your Model Y roadtrips couldn’t get any better.
  • Two sides for your cravings: Thermally insulated left side for hot/cold perishable food or drinks and ‘pantry’ side on the right for everything else. Keep your food fresh and make your trip even more enjoyable.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Made with durable & high quality 600D fabrics with stuffing to handle maximum load and still maintain its shape

If you’re planning a roadtrip this summer or anytime of the year, you shouldn’t even consider hitting the road without the Tesloid Frunk Cooler and Food Bag. Whether you’re having a meal while at a Supercharger, headed out for a beachside picnic, or just taking snacks to your local park, the Tesloid Frunk Cooler and Food Bag.

You can order the Frunk Cooler and Food Bag from the Tesloid website for $119.99. It fits all years of the Model Y, and they even have a version designed for the Model 3 as well.

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