Tesla China cancels three hiring events in June, hints which areas are overstaffed


Tesla China canceled three online hiring events set for June. The cancellations hint at which areas Elon Musk referred to as overstaffed.

On Thursday, June 9, Tesla China held an online hiring event, looking for workers to fill “smart manufacturing” jobs. The positions included managers and employees who would run Giga Shanghai’s 6,000-ton Giga Press for the Model Y’s front and back underbody castings. 

The recent online hiring event perplexed media outlets, as Elon Musk previously stated that some areas in the company were overstaffed. However, with the cancellation of three online recruitment events, it is clear which areas have become overstaffed. 

Tesla China canceled online hiring events scheduled for June 16, 23, and 30, according to messages on WeChat sent late Thursday. The recruitment event was supposed to hire workers for sales, R&D, and Giga Shanghai’s supply chain, reported Bloomberg

The canceled hiring events suggest that Giga Shanghai is working on filling manufacturing jobs, which makes sense. It aims to produce 71,000 vehicles in June. The factory wants to regain its momentum before the COVID-19 breakout in Shanghai.

In addition, Tesla announced last month that it plans to double Giga Shanghai’s production capacity by adding a new building to the site. Tesla China wants to produce an additional 450,000 vehicles per year with the new factory. 

Giga Shanghai seems ready to get back its groove, given recent developments. Tesla has already started taking Model Y orders in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore, hinting that Tesla China’s production is back up and running. 

Workers will be allowed to return home after sleeping in the factory and other makeshift living accommodations in accordance with the city’s closed-loop system. Tesla China’s factory workers will be allowed to go home on Friday, June 10, when their shift ends. 

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Tesla China cancels three hiring events in June, hints which areas are overstaffed


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