Renault 5 Electric Price, Range and Performance


\"\"An all-electric Renault 5 EV prototype will be launched in the year 2024, This concept electric car is part of the new Renault-Nissan Alliance and was presented in the presentation to IAA Mobility.

The production version of the Renault 5 EV is to be launched in the European market as early as 2024. This is according to a recent announcement from Renault.

At present, there have been some reports in the media about this electric car, which could come into being for the markets of continental Europe. However, now details are better known and we can see that the small battery-powered vehicle will be built at Renault’s larger company premises in Douai in France.

Renault will be fully committed to the revolution of mobility.

According to Renault, electric cars are not aimed at the luxury segment. The manufacturer intends to bring affordable electric vehicles to the market and wants to make them as attractive as possible in terms of both cost and range. To this end, they rely on the most innovative technologies.

The small electric car battery will have NMC cells produced by Envision AESC in Douai, not far from the Renault plant.

Renault 5 EV: Design and Styling


The Renault 5 EV will be a five-door electric supermini. It’s part of the Renault Electric Vehicles family, which also includes the Kangoo Z.E., Twizy Smart Drive and Fluence ZOE.

Renault 5 EV promises to be a highly competitive, hot-hatchback that’s been designed and refined to give its driver a thrill. While the front doors are flush-fit with the quarter panels, to give the illusion of a three-door body style, the rear doors are hidden in the C-pillar. Renault says this creates a more aerodynamic profile. 

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This car will share the same boxy silhouette as its previous cars, but with more modern features such as headlamps and tail-lights, which give it a fresh look. The flared wheel arches are borrowed from the models that have taken part in World Rally Championship rallies – and they’re also a nod to the Turbo I and II variants of the original Renault 5, which were homologated for world rallying.

Renault 5 Electric Price?

Renault has brought forward this new model from 2024 and it has adopted a far more exciting design, making it more appealing to a growing younger car driving demographic.

It is a small, affordable and fun-to-drive family electric car. this small EV is Priced from just £18,000 -£25,000 (In India it is from 17 lakhs to 27 lakhs), it has significantly undercut the competition with prices starting at Honda (from £28,000) and the MINI (£26,000).

Renault 5 EV Range and Performance


With its new 50kWh battery pack, it’s the only pure electric car in the segment with a range of 245 miles, making it more attractive than ever before. While the rivalries of Renault 5 EV, MINI Electric and Honda e have relatively small 35kWh batteries. 

Battery capacity  50kWh
Range  395 km in full charge 
Acceleration  0-62mph in just 11 seconds

Renault’s fun-to-drive Renault 5 EV is available in 110PS and 135PS guises, with the former getting from 0-62mph in just 11 seconds. The latter does it in nine but feels much faster thanks to its scooter-like acceleration off the line. There’s a single-speed gearbox for easy driving and no need for changing gears.

All it takes to make your drive easier is a single press of the brake pedal and the EV’s regenerative braking system will begin slowing down according to its speed. This gives you ultimate control over when you need to brake, while also keeping noise levels low so you can enjoy your ride without distraction.

Renault 5 Electric car Interior 

Renault has not released details on the interior of the 2024 Renault 5 EV but we’ve got it on good authority that you can expect cutesy features and multi-colour interior LEDs to communicate with you. You’ll find a huge display screen with superb connectivity in Renault 5 EV.\"\"

It’s packed full of infotainment screens, colourful maps and excellent connectivity meaning your every move can be easily monitored – even when you’re on the move. Expect the Renault 5 EV to have a two-spoke steering wheel, colourful seat fabric and a basic retro design.


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