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The current supply chain situation of semiconductors and also many other, much simpler components shows how important the local production actually is. Not only car manufacturers but also suppliers, which after relocating production sites abroad or even continental relocation, are now experiencing delivery difficulties, some of them considerable. Companies like Tesla, which have already selected the production sites well-considered in advance and they have chosen in addition to the USA an assembly plant in the Netherlands and a production plant in Germany. Nordson is one of them and they are currently very fortunate to have production sites on all continents for almost all product lines.  


Challenges need to be overcome – tests are important

As the automotive market increasingly focuses on the e-mobility sector, it is not only the supply chain issues that need to be taken into account, but also the fact that suppliers and equipment manufacturers are focusing on this new sector and further challenges need to be overcome. Nordson, as an application equipment manufacturer for a wide range of sectors, is confronted with many new applications and materials every day. This topic requires a lot of testing of the systems in order to meet the performance requirements of the customer or to incorporate the corresponding optimizations. Using the example of 2-component FIP (Foam-In-Place) applications with Pro-Meter, Nordson has shown how important it is not only to master flow rates and robot adaptation, but also to deliver the overall bead application pattern, including start and stop controls, in a customer-oriented manner through software optimization. A wide variety of philosophies are pursued in the field of application, and new challenges are also constantly arising. For example, dispensing volumes and flow rates resulting from the cycle times with materials such as gap fillers or TIM (thermal interface materials), which are basically already well-known materials, but the above-mentioned combination places completely new tasks on the systems. A progressive cavity pump, for example, can apply smaller volumes very precisely without damaging the material, provided that higher pressures are not required. Volumetric piston metering systems like Micro-Meter or Pro-Meter S based on the positive rod displacement principle can be the better solution if, for example, large quantities have to be applied in a short time. 


Nordson offers both technologies and has successfully used both for these applications and applies them according to the customer’s requirements.

“Thinking out of the box” is a common phrase, but more relevant than ever: many companies that were previously strong in the powertrain sector are struggling to find new projects and have to reorient themselves due to the advancing e-mobility. Here, it is indeed necessary to leave existing paths and to establish acquired competences, partly from scratch. Having strong partners at your side and trusting them is one way to successfully exploit new opportunities.

Trust your partner

As more automotive manufacturers enter the electric vehicle market trust Nordson, your industry expert. Rely on teams who will deliver the best solution for you and your customer. Let’s pave the way to innovative, high quality EV battery manufacturing. Connect with a Nordson representative for your next project: Contact Us


Sponsored by Nordson Sealant Equipment


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