Hubei will promote the development of new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry through the layout of charging and swapping infrastructure and other measures



On June 4, Hubei Daily reported
that on June 2, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Economy and
Information that Hubei Province will further promote the development of
the new energy and intelligent networked automobile industry through
measures such as the layout of charging and replacement infrastructure,
and strive to build a million billion-level industrial clusters.



It is understood that the automobile
is the most significant pillar industry in Hubei and one of the five trillion-level
industrial clusters that Hubei Province is striving to build. New energy
and intelligent connected vehicles are the main driving force for the innovation
and development of the global auto industry. They are becoming a vital force in promoting the reshaping of the national auto industry
structure. They are also the main direction for Hubei Province to build a
trillion-dollar auto industry cluster.

In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry development in Hubei Province has accelerated. New
energy vehicle and power battery giants have settled in Hubei, and some
significant projects with an investment of over 10 billion yuan have started
construction. In 2021, Hubei Province will produce 150,000 new energy
vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 3.8 times. Driven by new models
and new energy vehicles, the automobile industry in Hubei Province has grown
steadily. In 2021, the industrial scale of the province\’s automobile industry
will be the fourth in the country and the first in the central region;
automobile production accounts for 8% of the country\’s total, ranking fourth in
the country, of which commercial Vehicle production ranks first in the nation.

In developing
the new energy vehicle industry, Hubei has excellent innovation potential and a high
resource endowment. At present, Hubei Province has more than 100 R&D
institutions and technology centres for various types of automobiles and parts;
Wuhan has been approved as a scientific and technological innovation centre
with national influence and has been selected as one of the first batches of
pilot cities for the coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and
intelligent connected vehicles. The vehicle-road collaboration technology is
leading in the country. At present, the lithium iron phosphate power
battery market is growing explosively. The reserves and annual mining volume of
phosphate mines in Hubei Province both rank first in the country, and the
accounts of brine-type lithium mines rank third in the country. Ranked in the
forefront of the country.


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