Driving these Electric Cars in the UAE and Help save the environment



To support the UAE’s
move towards enhancing sustainability and using alternative resources, many
automobile companies are rolling out various models of electric cars in the
UAE. Slowly replacing the mainstream petrol cars that work using an internal
combustion engine, these energy-efficient cars are becoming popular with
motorists across the country. If you are keen on adopting a more
environment-friendly lifestyle, here are some of the companies offering
electric cars in the UAE. 

Until a few years ago, not many
automobile brands offered electric cars. That, however, is no longer the case.
As the situation continues to improve with every passing year, more and more
automobile companies are investing in electric models that are fuel-efficient
and environment-friendly. Here are some of the leading car companies where you
can find the best electric cars in the UAE.


Globally renowned for its
electric vehicles and clean energy products, Tesla was one of the first
companies to introduce environment-friendly electric cars in the UAE. A pioneer
in automobile innovation, Tesla has a good inventory of electric cars that have
zero emissions and work on 100% battery power.

There are four Tesla electronic
cars available in the UAE currently. While Model S, Model X, and Model
 have been in the market for quite some time, Tesla has rolled out a
newer model in 2021.

Model Y is
a mid-size SUV with a 68 cu ft cargo space. The car can travel
up to 326 miles
without requiring a recharge. The average cost
of Model Y starts at AED 180k. You can visit their website to know more if
you’re interested in buying a Tesla electric car in the UAE.

Options Available: Model S,
Model X, Model 3, Model Y

Tesla Showrooms in the UAE:
Multiple including The Dubai Mall; Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

+971-4-521-7777 (Dubai Mall) | +971-2-414-6401 (Yas Mall)


Tesla has played an important role in bringing electric cars to the mainstream


Tesla is not alone in its efforts
to introduce electric cars in the UAE. BMW also has an impressive portfolio of
electric cars in the country. The company has manufactured quite a few electric
cars for driving enthusiasts.

There are four different models
of electric cars available in the BMW’s I series. However, at the BMW’s
UAE showrooms, you can only find the high-roof hatchback BMW i3

Options Available:
BMW i3

BMW Showrooms
in the UAE: Multiple including Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz
1, Dubai | Airport Road, Abu Dhabi

800-2462 (Al Quoz 1) | 800-269 (Airport Road)


With an underfloor Li-ion battery, the BMW i3 ensures cleaner and better mobility


Chevrolet is a globally known
automobile brand by the American manufacturer, General Motors. The famous
automotive giant launched the Chevrolet Bolt EV, a five-door all-electric
subcompact car in 2017. It became the first electric car ever to operate on a
single charge to cover an estimated distance of 520 km. The starting price of
the Bolt EV cars in UAE is AED 168,500 as per the rates advertised online.

Options: Bolt EV

Chevrolet Showrooms
in the UAE
: Multiple including Al Ittihad Road, 128-563 Al Khabaisi, Dubai

Contact: +971-4-519-0000
(Al Ittihad Road)


Check out this model of Chevrolet from the electric car market in the UAE


Established in 1899, Renault is a
French automobile manufacturer known for cars, vans, aircraft, and auto rail
vehicles. With the launch of the energy-efficient ZOE series, the company has
entered the market for electric cars in the UAE.

The modern-looking car with a
space-efficient design was recognized with the Best Small Electric Car
2020 award at the annual What Car? awards ceremony.

ZOE is currently available in two
grades: Life and Intens. While Life has an Isofix children attachment
system, and daytime running lights, Intens contains a hands-free smart card
and telephone system. Life is available at a starting price of AED 137k. For
Intens, you can contact Renault to receive a quote. 

Options Available:
ZOE series

Renault Showrooms in the UAE: Multiple
including Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai | Near Tasjeel Auto Village, Sharjah

+971-4-339-3857 (Dubai) | +971-6-598-6222 (Sharjah)


Renault electric cars in the UAE have been generating quite a buzz in the country!


Operating since 1967, the Korean
Automobile company, Hyundai Motors needs no introduction. It has a reputation
for offering some of the most cost and fuel-effective cars globally.

The company has shown tremendous
growth in the past few years. Hyundai UAE has three different models of
electric cars available. Potential buyers can choose from the KONA, IONIQ, and NEXO.

The Hyundai electric cars in the
UAE are powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery that enables them to accelerate
from 0 to 100 km/h within a matter of seconds!

Options Available:
KONA Electric, IONIQ Electric, and NEXO

Hyundai Showrooms in the UAE: Multiple
including Al Ittihad Road, Deira, Dubai | Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd, Sharjah

+971-4-605-6666 (Dubai) | +971-6-509-5777 (Sharjah)


Ford, the famous American
multinational automotive company, needs no introduction, but its awesome
entrance into the arena of electric cars certainly warrants one. The company
has recently unveiled an all-electric Mustang Mach-E in the UAE. It is expected
to produce a mileage of 248 miles to 379 miles on a single charge.

The car has magnet synchronous
motors that offer peak torque within just 0.5 seconds! With smooth motors and
18-inch alloy wheels, Mach-E would make you want to be in the driver’s seat all
over again! This electric car is currently not available in the UAE but is
expected to arrive soon.

Options: Mustang
Mach-E (coming soon)

Ford Showrooms in the UAE: Multiple
including 697 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai | Jebel Ali Freezone Extension, South Left
Side, Nearby Agility Warehouse, Abu Dhabi



Nissan is a well-known automobile
manufacturer headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. It has rolled out the
eco-friendly, innovative, and comfortable electric car – Nissan Leaf globally.

The Nissan electric car in the
UAE features a signature floating roof and an innovative e-Pedal, enabling you
to brake or accelerate with only a single pedal. It is set to arrive in the UAE
market soon! 

Available: Nissan Leaf (Coming Soon)

Nissan Showrooms in the UAE:
Multiple including Al Ittihad Road, Dubai



Upscale automotive brand,
Porsche, has also entered the electric cars market in the UAE by introducing
the majestic Taycan Series. This all-electric car covers a range of up to 484
km on a single charge.

The most impressive feature of
the car is the over boost that offers a great driving experience. When the car
is up to 560 kW, it activates the over-boost, enabling the motors to accelerate
from 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds.

Cars Available:
Taycan Series

Porsche Showrooms in the UAE:
Multiple including Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Sharjah



Jaguar has also joined the
electric vehicle market with its powerhouse I-Pace electric car. Maintaining
the brand’s luxurious aesthetic, the I-Pace has a highly aerodynamic and
elegant design which augments its performance.

I-Pace can accelerate from 0-100Km/h
in 4.8 seconds. The cost of this all-electric SUV starts at AED 323k.

Cars Available: Jaguar

Jaguar Showrooms in the UAE: Multiple
including Sheikh Zayed Road, Between 3rd and 4th interchange, Dubai


Please note that electric car
price in the UAE varies based on model. It’s better to visit the
showrooms of the respective automobile manufacturers to know the exact cost.



If you’re planning on buying an
electric car in the UAE, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

Electric cars require less

EVs are cheaper to run and

They are more digitally connected
and have a good torque

They are more responsive than
conventional cars


It depends on the battery’s
capacity. As of November 2020, the cost was 29 Fills per kWh (kilowatt-hour).


In an attempt to encourage the
use of electric cars, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
has extended the duration of the EV Green Charger Programme. Motorists can
enjoy free power-ups at DEWA charging stations until 31st December 2021.
You must be registered to utilize this facility.


If you’re wondering,” what does
the UAE government think of electric cars”, the answer is that the country is a
strong advocate of initiatives that promote its vision of clean, green energy:

The UAE signed a deal with Tesla
to add 200 vehicles to the fleet of Dubai Taxi Corporation in 2017. This deal
was a part of Dubai’s plan to turn 25% of all transportation trips driverless
by 2030.

EV charging stations are now
being ubiquitously installed in Dubai. There are currently more than 200 EV charging stations in Dubai that motorists can use by scanning a QR

And that brings an end to our
list of the electric cars available in the UAE. With automobile companies
launching new models each year, the number of electric cars is growing rapidly
throughout the country.

The UAE has emerged as a beacon
for change by replacing 20% of the car fleet of the government departments with
EV vehicles. In addition to electric cars, the UAE is championing the use of
electric-powered buses in the country. The launch of a new fleet of electric
buses in Abu Dhabi
 epitomizes the country’s relentless efforts toward

Did you know flying cars are also
coming soon to the UAE? Well, they certainly are! Uber will actually test
flying cars during Expo 2020. Here is everything you need to know about the
progress of flying cars in Dubai.

What do you think about the
growing popularity of electric cars in the UAE? Which brand is your favorite
when it comes to electric cars? Let us know in the comments below. For more
information about transportation systems in the UAE, stay tuned to Electric


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