Charged EVs | MAHLE introduces new electric motor for EVs


Automotive supplier MAHLE has introduced a new electric motor designed for electric passenger, commercial, construction and tractor vehicles. The company says it has “developed the most durable electric motor available.”

The durability of the SCT E-motor, MAHLE says, is based on its integrated oil cooling system which also uses waste heat in the vehicle’s system.

The SCT E-motor is a traction motor composed of a permanently excited motor design and neodymium magnets in a compact unit. “Despite its very compact and light design, its continuous output is more than 90 percent of its peak output,” says the company.

The SCT E-motor is also available without rare earth magnets. “Thanks to the unique contactless transformer developed by MAHLE, the magnet-free variant would also be wear-free and run efficiently, while only requiring slightly more assembly space,” says MAHLE.

Source: MAHLE


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