Charged EVs | How wireless connectivity adds value to EV charging points (whitepaper)


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EV adoption is making charging an essential part of users’ everyday lives and, with the increased uptake of EVs, infrastructure is being built-out to support their charging needs. However, for the business case to succeed charging points or piles must both accelerate roll-out and improve utilization and ease of management. Users and charging point operators alike need reliably connected charging points that can be deployed quickly without delays in connecting to fixed infrastructure.

This growing market is uncovered in a new Quectel whitepaper, titled How wireless connectivity adds value to EV charging points. This highlights the multiple use cases for wireless connectivity for charging point operators (CPOs) and details how value can be achieved over relatively simple connections. Wireless connectivity is needed so the charge point can enable users by metering usage, identifying users, and billing accordingly. 

Connections are also essential so charge point operators can monitor site status in real-time in order to book maintenance, understand demand and ensure payment. Even in cases where fixed line connections are available, a wireless back up makes sense because wireless connectivity can help ensure a charge point remain operational. In this competitive market in which customers rely intensively on access to charging, downtime is unacceptable and CPOs can’t afford reputational damage nor lost revenue from non-operational sites.

With global deployment of EV charging stations set to increase at a 31% CAGR to more than 66 million units by 2030, the paper details how charging habits are fragmented with the European market focused on home-based charging while the US and China see greater usage of public charging stations, perhaps because their larger geographies involve longer journeys and greater need to charge EVs away from home. 


Sponsored by Quectel


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