Zendure SuperBase Pro gives huge power in a convenient package


Packing along a portable power station for glamping or car-camping trips instantly takes them to the next level. They’re also useful at home when the power goes out. With a massive capacity of up to 2,096Wh, an incredibly fast recharge rate, and other smart features, the Zendure SuperBase Pro is ready to make life off the grid a little more comfortable. You can also currently get it on sale for Prime week starting at $1699 (Reg $1999) on the company’s website or Amazon for a limited time. Be sure to hit the video to see all of the details. 

Zendure SuperBase Pro: Overview

First off, the SuperBase Pro is available in two different capacity variants. The 1400 packs 1,440Wh of capacity and retails at $1,999 (down to $1699 currently) while the 2000 packs 2,096Wh for $2,299. We’ll be taking a close look at the SuperBase Pro 2000.

Measuring in at 17.5 x 10.5 x 14 inches (44.6 x 27.6 x 35.2 cm), the SuperBase Pro 2000 tips the scales at 46.7 lbs or 21.2 kg. 

Large capacity power stations like this can quickly become difficult to transport but It’s evident that there has been a lot of thought into the usability of the SuperBase Pro 2000. In addition to the spring-loaded carry handle, this power station has a telescoping handle and wheels for easier movement. Kind of like a carry-on bag, the handle makes the station easy to roll around. 


Ins and Outs

With that large capacity, the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 also has plenty of ins and outs. On the left are six AC outlets as well as a cigarette-style barrel plug. On the front are two 100W USB-C outputs, two 20W USB-C outputs, and three DV outputs. 

On the right are the power input options with a power reset button, XT60 style plug, and an AC-style plug. 

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000: Video

2,000W output

That also means the Zendure SuperBase Pro packs 2,000W output with 3,000W Ampup capability. My Breville espresso machine will pull about 1,300W so the PowerBase Pro is capable of powering plenty of creature comforts. Similarly, the SuperBase Pro can run a hair dryer at 1,600W, blenders, electric skillets, and power tools. 


Zendure SuperBase Pro: Recharging

Sometimes large capacity power stations can take a while to recharge. With the SuperBase Pro, though, up to 1,800W of input means that recharging from 1-80% takes just one hour with a full charge in just two hours. 

That speed also applies to solar charging. If there are enough panels to create 1,800W, the SuperBase Pro can handle it. The included MC4 to AC cable makes the setup simple. 

When not on an adventure, the SuperBase Pro can also be used as a UPS or uninterruptible power supply. For the home or office, this is a great way to keep devices powered up when the electricity goes out.


Zendure SuperBase Pro: Smart features

The SuperBase Pro also packs smart functionality. An app unlocks smart features like a sleep mode, limiting power to maximize lifetime, and low-battery notifications. Additionally, the SuperBase Pro has built-in GPS and 4K IoT hardware. If there is a 4G signal, you can manage your power station from anywhere. 

If you’re looking to power off-grid adventures as well as keep your home prepared for emergencies, the Zendure Super Base Pro is definitely worth a look. With massive capacity, extremely fast recharge rates, and smart functionality, it’s useful for many aspects of life.

Buy Zendure SuperBase Pro starting at $1699 (Reg $1999) on the company’s website or Amazon

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