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We take a look at the technology and market potential of wireless charging for EVs. Automakers are lining up second uses for EV batteries. Range anxiety still exists—without the anxiety—find researchers. And the Megawatt Charging System is ready for next-level infrastructure for electric trucks. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

According to a recent study, many drivers chronically underestimate EVs’ ability to meet their daily needs. In what sounds like a new spin on the familiar concern of range anxiety, it’s a new kind of psychological barrier that could be taken into consideration in vehicle interfaces and where to locate charging. 

Last week the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for electric heavy-duty trucks was finally formalized, and to that we say bring on the electric truck stops

Even though most full-line haven’t fully ramped up EV production to true mass-market levels, they’re already considering wide-reaching second-life uses for EV batteries. From electric rickshaws to renewable energy, we looked at a few uses. Partly it’s about solving the waste challenges, although we’re still curious how all these second uses will be factored into sustainability claims. 

And why does wireless charging matter for electric cars? We looked how the technology has evolved, how it might enter the market, and what kind of game-changer it might be for EV adoption. 


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