What\’s The Cheapest Electric Car Of 2022?


Today, there are more affordable electric cars than ever. Ranging from the Hyundai Kona EV to the Mini Cooper SE, it’s now possible to obtain an affordably-priced EV that’s actually compelling. 

Considering the federal tax credit, many EVs can go far below the $30,000 mark. If you apply applicable state credits too, the prices will drop even further. For example, if you live in Colorado, you could effectively purchase a new Mini Cooper SE for just $17,400. Albeit, you’d still have to pay registration taxes as well as destination fees, but there’s no doubt that these credits make EVs more affordable.

New for the 2022 model year came a pretty significant price reduction. While this is likely partly due to the upcoming Ariya crossover, the Leaf is still a decent overall electric car. The 40kWh base Nissan Leaf is EPA rated at 150 miles and has a 147 horsepower motor, yielding a zero to sixty time in the mid-7-second range. These specs aren’t too notable, but the value is not bad at all for the price of just $27,400. Its only downside is its battery, which isn’t liquid-cooled; however, the refreshed 2018+ models don’t see anywhere near the degradation as the old ones.

  • Price: $27,400
  • Price after $7,500 tax credit: $19,900
  • Range: 150 miles

While the Nissan Leaf seems to be the best option for today, there is no doubt that other affordable EVs will be coming in the future. Some future options include vehicles like the Aptera at $25,900, the Electra Meccanica SOLO at $18,500, and the Kandi K27 at $15,499. However, the SOLO and the Aptera have three wheels, and the Kandi K27 isn’t even classified as a proper electric car, rather a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle). The Aptera seems to be the most compelling, but with all startups, we’ll have to wait and see what gets delivered. 


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