What Do We Drive? A Collection Of EVs & Other Cars And Here\’s Why


What Do I Drive is a series where the editors and writers of InsideEVs share with readers the cars we personally drive. These are the cars we bought with our own money and drive in our daily lives. As such, we\’ve got a lot to say about them. This is the concluding article in this series in which we wrap all of the What Do I Drive articles up into one.

It all started back in June with an idea that we\’d like to let the world know which cars we\’ve chosen to own and drive on a daily basis. The idea was simple: present what we drive and tell about why we bought a certain car.

The series evolved into so much more though. In telling our stories, additional submissions came in from contributors and readers alike. It seems our series drew interest and convinced many to submit details on the vehicles they drive.

The end result was a series of articles that continued to flow in for months. The stories told range from tearjerkers to light-hearted fun. Each story is unique and each individual submission has a certain feel that can only be explained as personal.

We encourage you to look back upon our What Do I Drive series of articles for insight into a wide selection of cars, including many electric cars such as the Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, Chevy Spark, BMW i3, Tesla Model 3 and more. If you\’re in the market for one of these vehicles, then perhaps our series will help you with your buying decision.

In the future, as our personal cars change, we\’ll update this series with our current vehicles of the day, but for now, we\’ve concluded what\’s perhaps the most personal series of articles we\’ve ever posted to InsideEVs. We hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as we did writing them.



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