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\"https://e-vehicleinfo.com/volta-lithium-hub-powering-world-of-sustainable-energy/\"Volta Lithium Hub is a quality-focused and performance-oriented lithium-ion battery manufacturing company that provides premium lithium-ion batteries to customers at affordable prices. Incorporated with an aim of making India energy efficient, Volta Lithium Hub batteries are compatible with all-electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems equipped to meet all industry requirements or applications such as Electric Vehicle batteries, Renewable energy storage systems, and others with a sole focus on providing the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Volta Lithium Hub combines a team of enthusiastic technocrats and engineers ingrained in assembling lithium batteries (NMC, LiFePO4) to make the shift towards future mobility and energy storage. Their engineering team has been working with cutting-edge technology since its inception and has a vast knowledge base of battery components. V

Volta’s future goals are to bring forth advanced next-generation rechargeable batteries to improve household functionality, provide solar power storage solutions and drift away from fossil fuel consumption whilst reducing carbon footprint.

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In 2019, when the demand for lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) for electric vehicles emerged, Volta Lithium Hub was launched by an IIT-B alum.

Since then, Volta has been building up as a start-up around LiBs to supply the best quality batteries in the Indian market and scaled further up keeping in mind the growing demand for electric vehicles. In the future, electric vehicles will power a new generation of cities—cities not just made of glass and steel, but also made for people.

And Volta’s mission is to make sure that the future of transportation can happen today, in our immediate environment. With Volta’s Lithium-Ion batteries at its heart, the best efforts are put to make this vision a reality. 

The visionaries at Volta Lithium Hub envision the future of India’s transportation industry – one that uses clean, environmentally friendly technology.

Working with high-end manufacturers to create a line of advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, Volta’s mission is simple: Building a better future for India and the world. Volta Lithium Hub believes that it is possible for everyone in the country — from students to farmers, even kids on their way to school — to switch over to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Since its inception, Volta Lithium Hub has been an innovation-driven technology company that constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation and research in renewable energy.  At Volta, every day
is a new one, leading to the growth in the organization’s size, the scope of what they do, and the number of clients who rely on them to deliver high-quality batteries. Innovation has always been their number one priority — and no matter how big they get, Volta never alters the principles that make them tick.

The Research and Development team at Volta Lithium Hub is headed and constantly mentored by qualified engineers having experience of more than a decade in the energy sector providing them with a lead over others in the industry.

The tech team is dedicated and focused on delivering eco-friendly energy solutions while R&D facilities are a great attraction for the clients. The projects are being developed under the purview of experienced and qualified personnel with industrial exposure and rich technical know-how.

Volta Lithium Batteries

Volta’s products are backed by an experienced team of industry experts who have designed an efficient supply chain to ensure a smooth production process. These are the batteries that Volta is currently dealing with – 

E-Scooter batteries – 48V / 60V / 72V 

Power-packed and eco-friendly, Volta Lithium’s E-Scooter batteries offer a smoother ride even on the toughest terrains. Volta Lithium’s high-performance and eco-friendly E-Scooter batteries deliver a power-packed ride through India’s narrow lanes and rugged terrains. Moreover, the zero maintenance lithium E-Scooter batteries offer reliable starts even after infrequent use, always delivering a smoother flow of peak energy. 

E-cycle batteries – 24V / 36V / 48V

Range, safety, and reliability are the most important factors when it comes to choosing an e-cycle battery. Volta’s lithium batteries for e-bikes have been optimized to provide high power output in small packages. They can easily be incorporated into a bicycle frame. This alone can give an e-bike an impressive range. Volta’s eco-friendly lithium batteries allow one to ride up to 100 km or more with ease.

Electric Rickshaw batteries – 48V / 60V


Volta Lithium Hub is among the best E-Rickshaw Battery manufacturers in India as it produces high-quality products that enhance the performance of E-Rickshaws. These vehicles are environment-friendly and with the new age batteries installed, they are the vehicle leaders for a better future.

Solar Batteries – 0.1KWHr To 41KWHr 

Volta Lithium batteries can help you make the most of your solar energy system. Batteries ranging from 0.1KWHr for Solar Street lights to 41KWHr 400V for energy storage systems have been successfully deployed by Volta and have been offering unparalleled power experience to end-users. They are highly efficient and offer ultra-long life to help you get the maximum from your solar energy system.


Volta Lithium Hub, a provider of Lithium-Ion Batteries, has experienced tremendous growth and success. The company is continuing its mission of creating a greener world by creating and expanding into electrical storage systems which help to improve the environment in multiple ways.

As the pioneers of eco-friendly energy, Volta Lithium Hub is pushing to make what was once considered fiction into fact. The company is well equipped to handle the growing demands for clean energy production and is alrea
dy a major player in the energy sector, which has grown exponentially in just three years. 


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