Volkswagen cannot surpass Tesla, Chinese electric cars are very competitive, and humanoid robots will be released in September



\”Volkswagen can\’t surpass
Tesla\”, \”China\’s electric cars are very competitive\”…

This is Musk\’s evaluation of Tesla\’s
competitors in the latest interview.

In addition, he bluntly revealed
Tesla’s current development bottleneck, the three major obstacles to acquiring
Twitter, the latest developments in humanoid robots, and the reasons for
investing in Dogecoin…

Musk also expressed his opinion
on the Google researcher\’s claim that AI has a personality. More interview
details will be delivered to you quickly.

About Tesla

Who do you think Tesla\’s
competitors are?
 Some people predict that Volkswagen will
surpass Tesla in the future, as well as those electric car companies in China. What
do you think of these competitors?

Musk: First of all, I don\’t think
Volkswagen will surpass Tesla in the future.

Secondly, I would like to say
that I am very impressed by those car companies in China, they are very
competitive, very hardworking, and very smart, and I think the products made in
China will be a huge wave in the world, Now you can see the signs. For example,
almost all iPhones are produced in China, and all kinds of products from all
walks of life around the world are exported from China.

In terms of electric vehicles, do
you think China has an advantage?

Musk: We don’t think much about
how other competitors are doing. I think Tesla’s constraints are more about raw
materials and how to increase production capacity.

The reason why our development is
limited is not from other competitors in the same industry, but from the
reality of the supply chain and the manufacturing capacity.



The demand for our cars is too
high and there are too many orders, but this is not our intention. We are now
increasing our production capacity as soon as possible.

In general, we don\’t think much
about competition, we just think about how to solve these constraints in the
supply chain and capacity. We need to build factories faster, we need to
imagine in advance what problems will be encountered in the future of
lithium-ion batteries in mining and refining, battery structure.

It was reported before that Tesla
was laying off 10% of its workforce, so what exactly does Tesla plan to do in
this regard?

Musk: Tesla will lay off nearly
10% of its regular employees in the next three months or so, but we are still
hiring hourly workers.



The number of our regular
employees has grown rapidly, especially in some departments, so we need to
reduce some redundancy. Laying off 10% of salaried workers is equivalent
to 3.5% of Tesla\’s total workforce.

There are now lawsuits against
Tesla after employees have been laid off, and I would say that these
pre-emptive lawsuits, they are not legally binding, and they will only keep
Tesla in the headlines.

Overall, I think Tesla\’s
workforce will continue to grow, both regular and hourly.

About artificial intelligence

The humanoid robot will be
unveiled on September 30. Do you have anything to share with us?

Musk: I hope we can come up with
a very interesting robot prototype to show everyone. Our team is very
talented, and I work with them every day now just to be able to launch this
robot on time.


Tesla AI Day, there are actually
a lot of interesting things to share, but I want to emphasize that Tesla is not
just a car company, we are a leading artificial intelligence company.

Google Engineer Says Its AI
System Has Personality, Are You Worried?

Elon Musk: I think we should be
concerned about this, and I said a long time ago that there should be a
regulator in the public interest to oversee AI.


AI could be a risk to the general
public, or it could save the FDA or the FAA. I mean, there are risks and
opportunities, so it\’s better to have a regulator at the government level, and
that\’s what I suggest.

Estimated economic situation

How do you feel about the overall
economic situation now? Does it make you worry?

Elon Musk: I think a recession is
inevitable to some extent. There will be a recession, at least in the
short term, although not 100% sure, most likely it will happen.

About the acquisition of Twitter

Buy Twitter for $44 billion, what
do you want to say to those who support you?

Elon Musk: There\’s not much I can
say publicly about the Twitter acquisition, after all, this topic is a bit
sensitive. Therefore, I will try to be more cautious, otherwise, I will
have another lawsuit.

Is Twitter giving you enough

Musk: There are still some
unresolved issues that you may have seen, such as whether the number of fake
users and spam users on Twitter is actually lower than 5% as officially stated.
I don’t think this is true. So about this problem, we are still waiting
for a solution, and we take this problem very seriously.



Of course, there are still two
questions about whether this round of debt financing can come together, and
whether shareholders will vote in favor.

These three issues need to be
addressed urgently before the Twitter acquisition is completed.

Your investment in China is huge,
so will the acquisition of Twitter now have any adverse effects on the Chinese

Musk: I don\’t see that as a

Who can use Twitter and are there
any restrictions?

Musk: For Twitter, I have my own
ambitions and ambitions, I want it to be more inclusive, I want it to be more
attractive to people, I want to be used by 80% of people in North America This
software, even half of the world\’s people.


If you want to achieve this goal,
it must be attractive enough. Obviously, users wouldn\’t feel uncomfortable
using the software or be violated, or they wouldn\’t use it at all.

I believe that Twitter must allow
people to express themselves freely, as long as the law allows. The
information is then filtered and restricted based on the reading preferences of
each Twitter user.

If your reading preference is to
be open to any information, then correspondingly, you will see everything you
want. But if you don\’t want to see those offensive remarks, you won\’t end
up seeing them on your page.


What I\’m trying to do is to get
as many people as possible to use Twitter, where people can get knowledge and
enjoyment from it, and you\’ll find it useful.

So, you are planning to be the
CEO of Twitter? So, will you still be the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX at the same

Elon Musk: It doesn’t matter if
I’m not the CEO of Twitter, what matters is that I try to push the product and
technology in the right direction as much as possible.

About cryptocurrencies

Do you think people should invest
in cryptocurrencies?

Elon Musk: I never said that
people should invest in cryptocurrencies. Take Tesla and SpaceX. They do hold
some bitcoin, but it is only a small percentage of total cash assets.


In addition, I also bought some
Dogecoin, and some Tesla products also support Dogecoin. I support
Dogecoin myself, just because I saw a lot of people who are not that rich and
they suggested I buy and support Dogecoin, so I responded to them.


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