Valladolid to order 30 zero-emission tram model buses by Irizar e-mobility


Public transport operator AUVASA (Autobuses Urbanos de Valladolid) in Spain has signed a framework agreement with Irizar e-mobility that anticipates 30 Irizar ie tram model zero-emissions buses and associated charging infrastructure. Delivery of those units will be spread out over two years, with the first eleven units to be delivered in late 2022. They will be the first 18-meter zero-emissions articulated buses to be included in the lines where that kind of vehicle is currently on the road.


The vehicles will be powered by latest generation batteries with a capacity of 630 kWh of on-board energy. They will have a double charging system, consisting of an inverted pantograph and smart plug-in charging in the garage, manufactured by Jema Energy, an Irizar Group company.

With the inverted pantograph charging system, communication between the bus and the charger is established when a bus arrives at the garage and the pantograph is automatically lowered. The system is compatible with practically all electric buses on the market and it makes the daily vehicle charging process easier.

The tram has 43 seats, 3 wheelchair areas and 4 PRM seats and capacity to transport up to 105 passengers. In addition, it has CO2 meters inside and a multimedia and information system with 29\” screens and USB charging ports.
The bus has 4 doors for easy access and fluid traffic both inside and out.

To improve safety and ensure passengers have a comfortable trip the buses will have cameras instead of rear view mirrors that increase forward, side and rear visibility, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), protection for pedestrians and cyclists, and closed circuit television circuits (CCTV) that monitor the cabinet.


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