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CATL is getting ready for 10-minute fast-charging with its cell-to-pack tech. Hyundai could be delaying or shelving plans for more hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicles. And are EVs really more trouble-prone? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

One of the foundational studies from J.D. Power, its annual IQS, has found that EVs are more trouble-prone than internal-combustion counterparts. But it’s not EV fundamentals like the batteries, motors, or charging systems that are to blame; it’s all the dare-to-be-different interfaces, hardware weirdness, and other new tech that automakers are packing into them. 

China’s CATL has revealed more details regarding its third-generation cell-to-pack technology, and altogether it includes some impressive claims—including more power and energy by volume than Tesla’s 4680 format in pack form. The next-gen cell-to-pack system, focused around prismatic cells, has a “disruptive” water cooling design to accommodate cells with a higher energy density, and it’s aimed at 10-minute DC fast-charging (10-80%).

And Hyundai has reportedly delayed the next generation of its Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Together with news from late last year that development on a Genesis luxury fuel-cell model was suspended completely, it’s led to some speculation about whether Hyundai has further shifted the distinctions between where it’s using fuel-cell tech and where it’s emphasizing battery-electric models.


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