Toyota Releases Video Guide On Charging The BZ4X Or Any EV, Really


Moving from an internal combustion-engined vehicle to an EV may be daunting for some people, especially those who are not so much into technology, and charging seems to be one of the key points that many bring up. Automakers know this and are providing as much helpful material as they can, like this simple video from Toyota that really explains all the basics of EV charging.

It tackles the basics, like knowing what the different levels of charging mean, how you charge an EV at home, how public chargers work and how to lock the charging cable so that it doesn’t get unplugged when at a public charger. These may sound like basic notions if you’re already knowledgeable about EVs, but this video will surely be of use for the beginner.

Toyota recently launched its first mass market electric vehicle, the bZ4X crossover, which is built on a bespoke EV platform called e-TNGA (which is also shared with Subaru), and it brings a lot of firsts for the automaker. The bZ4X is the first of seven bZ-badged Toyotas, with the moniker standing for Beyond Zero, it has a 71.4 kWh battery pack and up to 500 km (311 miles) of range for the front-wheel drive variant.

The manufacturer has been accused on a number of occasions that it doesn’t really want to commit to EVs, in a manner similar to other manufacturers, but it argues its more balanced and still hybrid-centric approach is currently more sensible. And with the announcement that more EVs are on their way, Toyota has gained more credibility as a maker of pure-electric vehicles, especially given that the bZ4X is already being praised.



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