The Incredible Evolution Of Electric Cars


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular across the globe. While there are many reasons this is true, the vast improvement of the cars themselves is certainly a primary motivator.

One simple reason more people are buying electric cars these days is that they\’re more readily available. People are more exposed to EVs than they were just a few years ago. This is because many more models are available in many parts of the world. Moreover, most of those models are much more compelling than they once were. Tesla has been instrumental in producing and selling popular electric cars in global markets. Its growing presence in the news, whether positive or negative, puts the electric car in the eyes and minds of many.

This recent video looks at five key areas related to the evolution of electric cars over the last five years. It points to the exponential growth in the number of EVs available, sales successes in the segment, and monumental improvements in battery capacity, range, and charging speed. Of course, charging infrastructure growth is another major stimulant when it comes to pushing EV adoption forward.

The video also mentions the reduction of carbon emissions as a driving force. While this is arguably the most positive impact of the gas to electric transition, sadly, it\’s not likely the reason most typical car buyers will make the switch. However, if they understand how convenient it is to charge at home and how much money they could save on fuel, hopefully, they\’ll be sold.

Check out the brief video above. Then, share your wisdom and opinions with us in the comment section below. Remember, as EV owners, we feel it\’s part of our job to promote adoption through exposure and education. Please help us show the world that EVs are the future.


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