The best Chinese EV manufacturer is an American company: Tesla


The best Chinese EV manufacturer right now happens to be owned by an American company, Tesla. Tesla and America have a lot to be proud of.

During Tesla’s Q2 2022 earnings call yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk complimented the Chinese competition but noted that the best Chinese EV manufacturer is Tesla China.

Elon Musk said that he had a lot of respect for China’s EV manufacturers. He also said that the best Chinese EV manufacturer for right now is Tesla China.

“They’re smart, they’re hardworking, and anybody that’s not as competitive as them will suffer a decline.”

“Right now the best Chinese EV manufacturer is actually Tesla China.”

Tesla China & Giga Shanghai Have A Unique History

In 2019, I wrote this article in CleanTechnica highlighting a video by Gali Filche (Hyperchange). Gali pointed out the uniqueness of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai. In his video Gali said,

“Previous until now, every single car sold in China was built by a Chinese automotive manufacturer or built by a joint venture between a foreign auto company and a domestic partner,” says Gali.

“China is literally changing their policies to cater to Tesla to allow them to come into the region. … Why does China want Tesla instead of every other automaker? It’s because they have the tech.”

To spice up the uniqueness, let’s throw in a trade war between the U.S. and China. Gali said,

“As much as people say ‘Tesla is a fraud … how are they going to compete with foreign automakers? … Elon Musk is a horrible CEO he has high executive turnover’ I look at how the company has managed to navigate one of the most complex geopolitical scenarios in modern history and actually turn its incredible friction between its two biggest markets into a massive competitive advantage is brilliant management. It’s brilliant execution by Tesla, and it’s a reason why I love to be invested in this company,”

The fact that Tesla, an American company, is the leading EV manufacturer in China, a country that is leading the manufacturing of EVs, says a lot about Tesla’s innovation.

China Will Continue To Lead If Biden Continues To Put Politics Over EVs

President Biden has said time and again that China is leading the electric vehicle race. He’s also placed his focus on Ford, GM, and a few other automakers that have had nothing to do with electrifying the automotive industry.

Not only did he and his administration outwardly snub Tesla and Elon Musk, but the president seemed to put the needs of his political allies above those of his own goals regarding EVs. I’m referring to the United Auto Workers Union EV event that was held at the White House last year. According to the White House, Tesla was excluded because this was a union event.

When asked why the White House excluded Tesla from the event, Secretary Psaki said,

“We, of course, welcome the efforts of all automakers who recognize the potential of an electric vehicle future and support efforts that will help reach the president’s goal, and certainly, Tesla is one of those companies. Today, it’s the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers and the UAW president who will stand with President Biden as he announces his ambitious new target, but I would not expect this is the last time we talk about clean cars, the move toward electric vehicles, and we look forward to having a range of partners in that effort.”

When asked about Tesla being a non-union company, she said that these are the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers.

“Well, these are the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.”

President Biden has then since acknowledged Tesla’s leadership in the EV space but the administration is still favoring the automakers who aren’t doing as much as Tesla in this space.

Politricks Aside, Tesla Continues To Lead

Tesla is continuing to lead as it pushes forward in its mission. Recently, there were at least 7,000 Tesla EVs spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao port. Tesla also announced in its Q2 2022 Shareholder Deck that Giga Shanghai is listed with an annual capacity of over 750,000 cars.

I’m sure that in Q3 we will see the results of Giga Texas, Giga Berlin the Fremont factory, and Giga Shanghai combined.

Disclaimer: Johnna is a partial Tesla shareholder with under 1 share currently. She plans on buying more and supports Tesla and its mission. 

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The best Chinese EV manufacturer is an American company: Tesla


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