Texas-Made Tesla Model Y 4680 Compared With Fremont-Made 2170 Cars


Now that Tesla has begun delivering Model Y EVs from its new factory in Texas, people are understandably curious to see how the Austin-made electric crossover compares with its Fremont-made counterpart.

One of the latest videos on this topic comes from YouTube influencer Gjeebs, who put side by side a Texas-made Model Y Standard Range with the structural battery pack and 4680 cells, a California-made Model Y Long Range with the regular battery and 2170 cells and his own Model Y, which is also made in Fremont.

At first sight, these Model Ys look identical, but upon closer scrutiny, some interesting differences come to light. Starting with the thing most people probably want to hear about, the build quality is superior to the Model Y made in California, according to Gjeebs, with great fit and finish, correct panel gaps and very nice paint.

That said, those with a keen eye for details will notice how the rear door window trim juts out a little bit where it meets the window trim from the rear fender, although that seems to be a universal thing on Model Ys, regardless of where they are made.

Moving on to the interior, the Texas-made Model Y is well put together and comes with a factory-installed cargo cover, unlike existing Fremont-made Model Ys which didn\’t use to have this part at all. Other things that are different (and better) include the Alcantara lining on the door panels, magnetic cover for the center console storage area, and high-quality black seats that are apparently softer than the white seats in older Model Ys. 

Driving the Model Y 4680, the reviewer also notices that the suspension is nicely set up and offers good ride quality, which he says is partly due to the 19-inch wheels. The acceleration, however, is a tad slower than in the Fremont-made Model Y Long Range. 

Overall, he is satisfied with the 4680 Model Y, but he does point out that the car falls short of Tesla\’s promises of offering a 10 percent lighter car with 16 percent more efficiency. The EPA range is 279 miles and not 400 miles as promised, and the car clearly doesn\’t feel 400 pounds lighter than the 2170 Model Y—although it wasn\’t put on a scale to see if that\’s the case



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