Tesla is now accepting questions for Q2 2022 earnings Q&A


Tesla is now accepting questions for its Q2 2022 earnings Q&A. The Tesla earnings call is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. Tesla plans on releasing its Shareholder Deck when the market closes.


Tesla shareholders can submit questions and vote for questions through Say Technologies. Some of the top questions with the most votes so far are:

  • How is the 4680 ramp going and is Giga Texas producing cells yet?
  • When Will the Cybertruck be officially available?
  • Would you consider buying back shares if we can maintain profitability?
  • When is the Tesla stock split?
  • How does $TSLA plan to handle all the misinformation, attacks, and fake news against Tesla and Elon Musk? We have been dealing with this and it affects the stock.
  • How do you feel the progress of FSD is going and does Andrej Karpathy leaving have any significant impact on any timelines/potential progress?


My 2.5¢: Andrej Karpathy Leaving & Tesla’s Handling Of Misinformation.


I do think Tesla could contribute more to debunking the misinformation. Some think it needs to reinstate its PR team and others think it’s wise that Tesla disbanded its PR team.

I’m very transparent about my support of Tesla and I think that YouTube and TikTok could be great at educating the millions of people on those apps about EVs and Tesla’s products. Tesla would do well to have a presence on TikTok. Although, given Elon Musk’s thoughts on TikTok I doubt that would happen.

The misinformation, I think, stems from the outright hatred of Elon Musk by some in the media and politics. And many customers and shareholders have fought the misinformation for years. It can be tiring. Any help from Tesla, I think, would definitely be appreciated.

Andrej Leaving

Yesterday, Andrej Karpathy announced that he was leaving Tesla. I shared my thoughts about it here but wanted to add to them. I mentioned being at AI Day and watching  Andrej’s presentation. Andrej wasn’t the only member of the team that gave a presentation.

Tesla’s Director of Autopilot Software, Ashok Elluswamy also took part in presenting. He covered autonomous cars, planning and control, training data, auto labeling, simulation and so much more. And he wasn’t alone. Tesla has an entire team dedicated to artificial intelligence.

So I think that this is not the bad omen that some are fearing.


Disclaimer, Johnna owns less than a share of $tsla and plans to buy full shares again. 

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Tesla is now accepting questions for Q2 2022 earnings Q&A


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