Tesla doubles global car deliveries to nearly 1 million in 2021, betters own aim



Tesla delivered more than 300,000
units in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, a key factor in pushing sales to
unprecedented highs.

Tesla has announced it delivered
almost one million electric vehicles (EVs) across the world in all of 2021,
significantly improving its own target of increasing deliveries by 50%. Tesla
delivered 936,000 EVs in all of last year, nearly double of what it had in the
preceding year.

According to reports, Tesla Model
3 and Model Y were the most popular EVs from the US manufacturer with 911,208
units of both being sold.

This was followed by 24,964 units
of Model S and Model X being sold. These two are the luxury models from Tesla
and carry a price tag of nearly $100,000.

In the fast lane: A Tesla EV is seen in Paris, France. (REUTERS)

A bulk of the sales thrust came
in the fourth quarter with Tesla delivering 308,600 units.

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While the delivery figures are
impressive indeed, what makes the numbers even more significant is that it has
come despite the large number of global challenges that has been plaguing the
automotive industry at large.

The pandemic has remained a
mammoth challenge while the global shortage of semiconductor chip persists.
Tesla has also come under scrutiny of safety regulators in countries like China
and Tesla with the most recent being the probe by NHTSA in the US into the
autopilot functionality.

Add to these that Tesla also
doesn\’t play in as many markets as some of its direct and indirect rivals
signals the dominant nature of play where the company does offer its products.
While a country-wise breakdown of units delivered isn\’t available as yet, it
would be a safe assumption that the bulk of the thrust for Tesla has come from
China and the United States.

CEO Elon Musk recently took to
Twitter to thank Tesla employees for going the extra distance during the
holidays to ensure that deliveries remain on track. Musk became the world\’s
wealthiest person in 2021 and the rise in his fortunes has been powered by the
strong play from Tesla.


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