Tesla cancels Model Y Performance deliveries in Germany over defects


Tesla Model Y Performance (MYP) reservation holders in Germany received notice that their deliveries were canceled or delayed due to defects in some vehicles. 

Reservation holders from Germany started reporting Model Y Performance cancellations on Saturday, June 25, through the TFF Forum. Model Y Performance delivery cancellations began on Saturday. Tesla is expected to inform more reservation holders of delivery cancellations this week. 

Some reservation holders claimed that Tesla Germany postponed their Model Y deliveries because of a “security-related defect” that could not be fixed through a software update. Others stated that Tesla canceled their delivery due to a defect in the drive units from China. 

According to Tesla employees in Germany, only some Model Y vehicles are affected by the defects. A few MYP reservation holders have already received their cars. The defect does not seem to affect Model Y Long Range vehicles or deliveries. Tesla Giga Shanghai produces the Long Range vehicles delivered in Germany.

Tesla rescheduled most of the canceled Model Y Performance deliveries for mid-July. However, some MYP reservation holders received new delivery dates that stretched out later into the year between August to November 2022. Some reservation holders reported that Tesla’s new delivery dates might depend on their location. 

Tesla Giga Berlin started producing 1,000 vehicles per week this month. The facility only manufactures Model Y vehicles at the moment. 

Tesla is working with Germany’s national employment agency to recruit staff. It has hired 4,100 to 4,500 workers for production so far. Tesla started offering new hires more pay recently after Germany’s largest union claimed that Giga Berlin was facing hiring challenges because of its wages.

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Tesla cancels Model Y Performance deliveries in Germany over defects


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