Tech Reporter \’Not A Car Guy\’ Drives & Reviews Rivian R1T


Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro checks out the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck. And, no, that\’s not a typo. This isn\’t a video produced by popular car reviewer Doug DeMuro, though he\’s experienced the R1T as well. In fact, the Rivian electric truck earned the highest \”Doug Score\” he\’s ever given a pickup truck.

If you check out Rich\’s YouTube channel, you\’ll quickly see that he\’s not a car reviewer, which might actually be a good thing. However, rumor has it, he is Doug\’s brother. And, after watching Doug\’s review of the Rivian R1T, we\’d want to jump inside one, too.

Rich not only enjoys the opportunity to look the R1T over and check out its features, but also drive the electric pickup truck, which is the first of its kind to come to market on our shores. He actually points out that he\’s not a car guy with \”stats,\” but he\’s driven the R1T off-road and he\’s thoroughly impressed with what it\’s capable of, which comes as no surprise since that seems to be the case with \”car guys,\” too.

Rich emphasizes that the R1T is loaded with fantastic features and has incredible fit and finish that\’s impressive for a startup automaker. He also goes on about how well the R1T is equipped to handle the toughest of off-road conditions. It\’s clearly rugged and purpose-built, though it\’s also comfortable and luxurious. The R1T offers the best of both worlds, which has become somewhat of the norm with modern pickup trucks, but the R1T arguably takes it all to the next level.

Rivian took its time bringing the R1T to market, and it seems that extra time allowed it to \”think of literally everything.\” It has storage areas that have never been seen before in a vehicle, a built-in flashlight, a hidden first air kist, 10-volt household-style plugs, and much more.

Despite the R1T\’s long list of positives, Rich repeatedly mentions its solid build quality, along with the confidence that comes from driving it. Sadly, like most compelling EVs coming to market today, if you want an R1T, you\’ll have to get on a waiting list.


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