Tata Motors to provide M-tech degree in EV Tech with Amity University



India’s leading institute and electric four-wheeler manufacturer have come together to expand the manpower and skill in the field of electric vehicle technology. Tata Motor and Amity University Signed an MOU, to provide an M-tech degree in Electric Vehicle Technolgy. 

The partnership will help the freshly skilled people to get an M-tech degree who wishes to join the EV sector as technicians and engineers. The first university in the picture to offer the course is the Lucknow campus of Amity University.

The potential students passing out will be inducted by Tata Motors for their facility in Lucknow.


  1. The M-Tech Degree will offer technical skills to the candidates.
  2. The partnership not only ensures helps the students with job opportunities but helps the EV sector deal with the growing demand for a skilled workforce.
  3. The course is divided into 2 parts which will be taught for 2 years.
  4. The first part deals with the technical orientation (theoretical).
  5. The second part offers practical sessions to the students.
  6. The course will be conducted at the Tata Motors campus and Lucknow campus of Amity University.
  7. The course includes a 6-month practical industrial project.

The Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at Amity University (Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus), Mr. Sunil Dhaneshwar mentioned the benefits of initiating this partnership. This collaborative program will benefit students with employment along with the benefit of the EV sector.

The program will help the students to align with the latest and modified practices in the EV industry. In addition, the program will help the country to build a talent pool equipped, and sufficient knowledge which will narrow the skill gap.


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