Sunra Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs



Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. Nowadays, electric
cruisers are largely the fury. The evaluation of a Sunra Electric Bike in
Pakistan in 2022 might be seen here. Electric bicycles are utilized in an
assortment of nations. Various firms are presently sending off electric
bicycles in Pakistan, as these bicycles are more productive for day-to-day use
since they don\’t need fuel.

Electric Bike 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

bicycles are sans fuel, yet they are additionally contamination free. Whenever
individuals discover the elements of these bicycles, they will, without a
doubt, lay out a phenomenal standing. In Pakistan, this organization has
appeared with its electric bike. The attributes and determinations of these
bicycles differ. The producer has invested some part of energy into this
bicycle to make life simpler for Pakistanis. These bicycles are being offered
these days to advance toward a contamination-free climate.


Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2022

year, this organization presents new sorts of bicycles and sends off
a past model bicycle with extra conveniences. Clearly, as the quantity of
highlights increments, so do the costs. Presently, the most recent bike, the
Sunra, which has been sent off with extra highlights, is accessible on the
lookout for 139,888 rupees. Then again, because this is an
electric bicycle that can be re-energized, this is the main viewpoint. A
significant number of the KM can be finished after a solitary re-energize.



Electric Bike Price in PKR


Sunra Electric Bike Features:


Noise Free


No Maintenance


Eco Friendly

Low Running Cost

Easy to Ride

Hydraulic Shocks

Keyless Start

6 Months Battery Warranty

Steel Frame

Alloy Rims

Anti-Theft System

Cruise Control

Optional LED Light


1500 watt


60 KM on a full charge

Petrol Free

bicycle has a surprising efficiency, covering 60 kilometers on a solitary
charge, with a charging time of approximately 4 hours and utilization of around
1.5 units of energy. In Pakistan, this bicycle is presently open. Cost of the
Sunra Electric Bike In Pakistan, 2022 is a high year since this bicycle is new
in the country. As the cost of this bicycle\’s rivals rises, so will
the cost of this bicycle. This bicycle is excellent for individuals who need to drive
to work consistently in the city since it can be charged at home or work.


bicycle\’s average speed per charge is 60 kilometers each hour, and it takes
around 4 hours to completely re-energize. How much power is expected to
re-energize an unfilled battery pack is about 1.5 units. Whenever you consider
that most people just ride their bicycles for 20 minutes at once, this
isn\’t terrible!


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