Simple One E-scooter Test Ride to Begin from July 20th


\"\"Everyone in India is eagerly waiting for the Simple Energy electric scooter. All eyes are on any official news the company would get, so now the latest news is coming out. Suhas Rajkumar, CEO of Simple Energy has given good news.

Suhas Rajkumar has given an update on Monday (May 30) regarding the test drive of Simple One. The company has scheduled the timetable of these e-scooters according to different cities of different states of India on its social media platform.


When is the test drive starting – According to the information received from the company, from July 20, 2022, the test drive of Simple will start in different cities in India. According to the schedule so far, it will run till September 15. But some more cit
y names are expected to be added to it.

When will the test drive take place in which city as per the schedule? The test drive will start from Bengaluru (Karnataka) on 20th July and will continue till 22nd July.

After that Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 26-27 July, Hyderabad (Telangana) 31 July and 1 August, Pune-Mumbai (Maharashtra) 05-06 August, Panaji (Goa) 10-11 August, 15-16 August Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Indore (Madhya Pradesh) 20-21 August, Jaipur (Rajasthan) 25-26 August, Delhi-NCR 30-31 August, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 04-05 September, Patna 09-10 September (Bihar), 14-15 Will run in Bhubaneswar (Odisha) till September.

So in this way from July 20 to September 15, this test drive will run in 12-13 different metros of India. Along with this, Suhas Rajkumar also says that for the next 5 weeks, some more cities will be added to the list of this test drive, whose information will be given in time.

After this information came to the fore, customers now believe that it is difficult to get its delivery before the month of October -November 2022.


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