Sailun Sets Sustainable Standards With Smart EcoPoint3 Technology


Sailun has developed a smart, sustainable and affordable solution for car manufacturers and consumers: EcoPoint3 tires that offer premium quality in all aspects of safety and performance.

Sailun spent around ten years researching the so-called liquid phase mixing on which EcoPoint3 technology is based. In this globally innovative mixing technology, the filler is mixed completely, uniformly and optimally. Until now, the fillers were mixed into the rubber purely mechanically – a very energy-intensive process in which the filler was often not well distributed.


Compared with the conventional dry compound used by premium competitors, the unique liquid-phase compound of EcoPoint3 tires impresses with superior quality combined with outstanding dynamic properties, better elongation characteristics, lower rolling resistance and abrasion.

Result: The main advantage of EcoPoint3 tires is lower rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption by about 20% compared to competitors, with up to 30% higher mileage. In independent tests, for example, EcoPoint3 tires impress with fuel savings of up to half a litre per 100 kilometres. They also offer exceptional all-season performance thanks to their softer rubber compound.

What\’s more, the materials used in the tires are environmentally friendly. For example, no fossil silica is used. This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions by an average of 8 kg for a Sailun passenger car tire and around 36 kg for a Sailun truck tire.


Thus, Sailun\’s new EcoPoint3 technology opens a new chapter in the company\’s history and innovatively meets the demands of car manufacturers and consumers for modern and sustainable premium high-tech tires. In short, EcoPoint3 technology is the pioneering combination of performance, durability and energy efficiency.

In addition to the EcoPoint3 technology the focus of Sailun is also on future ambitions in terms of resource conservation and the development and production of tires to improve the global carbon footprint while meeting climate targets.

\”Our vision for clean global mobility of tomorrow, convinces not only our customers but also the international trade press, thus recognizing the performance, durability, and efficiency of our tires as well as the innovative strength of our company in equal measure,\” said Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President Passenger Cars and Trucks Europe.


EcoPoint3 offers also best performance for electric cars. Choosing the right tires for electric vehicles is crucial for the efficiency, braking performance and mileage of its users. Therefore, a tire\’s rolling resistance plays an even greater role for electric cars. After all, lower rolling resistance means greater electric range and efficiency, while contributing to overall sustainability.

Thanks to EcoPoint3 technology, rolling resistance remains stable even at lower temperatures and, what\’s more, increases much more slowly than with comparable tires from competitors. This is especially beneficial to owners of e-cars in Scandinavia and European high altitudes. Sailun tires create an optimal balance between tire size and component distribution. Sailun\’s high-tech compounds provide robust bonds between silica and rubber and allow for optimal adaptation to changing road conditions, ultimately improving the tire\’s rolling resistance and fuel economy.

Look for Sailun\’s new ERANGE of tires featuring EcoPoint3 technology, this fall, at a retailer near you. 

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