Rivian deploys first DC fast chargers as part of Adventure Network for electric trucks


Rivian on Monday announced the first three DC fast-charging sites for its Adventure Network supporting the R1T electric pickup truck and forthcoming R1S electric SUV.

The three sites open in California and Colorado this week, Rivian said in a press release. Each will have chargers providing over 200 kw of power, allowing R1T and R1S drivers to recover up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes, according to the company.


Rivian R1T

The first site opened to the public Monday in Salida, Colorado. It has four DC fast chargers for use by Rivian customers, including a pull-through slot to accommodate vehicles with trailers. The site also has four Level 2 AC destination chargers—called Waypoints by Rivian—that are open to all EV drivers.

The second and third fast-charging sites are located in Inyokern and Bishop, California, and open June 28 and 29, respectively. The California sites can accommodate travelers heading to Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, and Death Valley National Forest, Rivian noted.

Rivian said its initial goal is 3,500 fast chargers at 600 North American sites, but didn\’t discuss a timeline for achieving it.


Rivian R1T

The automaker first announced its charging network in 2021, as a sort of backcountry counterpart to the Tesla Supercharger network. It was intended from the beginning to be partly proprietary and partly public-accessible, with a mix of DC fast chargers and Level 2 AC destination chargers around adventure points.

Some of those destination chargers have already been deployed near Yosemite, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and even at glamping sites in Utah.

Rivian is also providing charging hardware for a Lake Michigan EV touring route. The first of 15 sites opened in May of this year, with all chargers open to the public. The non-profit organization Adopt a Charger will provide technical support and more for these sites and the Yosemite and Golden Gate sites.


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