Phihong Technology launches specialist EV charging company Zerova


Power supply manufacturer Phihong Technology is launching a new subsidiary, Zerova, to cater exclusively to the electric vehicle (EV) charging market, at The 35th International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Oslo, Norway.

Indeed, Zerova has unveiled its new offer and portfolio of charging solutions for the global market, offering flexibility and adaptability for a variety of charging applications from residential, commercial and fleet chargers, as well as the provision of large-scale charging infrastructure, such as EV charging hubs.

With the EV market booming, a key focus is to ensure the right infrastructure is in place to address a continuously evolving market. Charging availability and simplicity, as well as real-time information and safety are key parameters to achieving EV drivers’ satisfaction.

Drawing on parent company Phihong’s 50-year track record in power supply product R&D, Zerova believes its solutions are perfectly positioned to support this transition.

“The availability of charging infrastructure will be the key catalyst for the wider uptake of electric vehicles. By working in partnership with our customers to deliver agile solutions that adapt to the specific requirements of end users, regions and sites, we can accelerate the rollout and uptake of fit-for-purpose EV charging worldwide,” said Patrik Ott, VP Business Development at Zerova.

The new company – which draws on its parent company’s experience working with Audi, Jaguar, Helsinki Bus Charging Depot, and Watt EV – says it offers a comprehensive service to energy companies and fleet operators, providing everything from planning, design and production, to construction and set up, including real-time monitoring of chargers and payment infrastructure. It also provides an after-sales service with training, 24/7 support and repairs and upgrades.

As the number of electric vehicles grows year by year, Zerova’s power storage solutions will not only charge electric vehicles but can also return the energy of electric vehicles to the power grid (vehicle-to-grid) through reverse technology. The company’s energy storage solutions can also increase the multi-dimensional flexibility of the energy use of each charging station, and thereby relieve the load pressure of electricity during peak hours.

Zerova’s products will be shown at the EVS35 conference and the company will exhibit a variety of charging solutions, including Level 3 DC chargers ranging from 30kW to 360kW and Level 2 AC EVSE ranging from 16 amps to 48 amps, as well as portable chargers and user interface (HMI) and a cloud-based management platforms. System operators can also monitor the status of individual EV chargers and remotely update them, enabling long-term maintenance and management.

“With the US and EU targets to produce 500,000 and 3 million public chargers respectively by 2030, we’re launching to empower the future – delivering charging solutions that enable organisations to be better and faster in rolling out such infrastructure,” Ott concluded.


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