Next-gen Apple CarPlay aims to takeover in-car screens & functions


Apple’s next-generation CarPlay aims to takeover in-car screens and functions as automakers bring dashboards into the modern age. 

During WWDC 2022—on Monday, June 6, 2022—Apple announced its next-gen CarPlay software, which aims to reinvent the in-car experience. One of the biggest changes for the next-gen CarPlay would be its full integration with basic car functions like climate controls or tuning the radio. Previously, basic car functions were separate from Apple’s CarPlay. 

The new Apple CarPlay will also fully utilize all the screens automakers are starting to place in their vehicles. 

“And no matter what type of unique screen shapes or layouts you may have, this next generation of CarPlay feels like it was made specifically for your car,” said Emily—the presenter for Apple’s CarPlay at the WWDC 2022. 


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