New VinFast program offers US customers free charging or home charger


Fresh off news of a similar reward subscription for new VF 8 and VF 9 customers in Europe, Vinfast has introduced a new program for US consumers that not only offers subscriptions within newly purchased EVs, but additional charging perks as well. Customers who buy a VinFast EV can now choose between three years of free unlimited charging or a complimentary Level 2 home charger.

VinFast is a Vietnamese automotive manufacturer whose global expansion moves faster that its news cycle, and that’s fast. The automotive subsidiary exists under VinGroup, a popular conglomerate with its name on everything from real estate, to healthcare, and even theme parks.

Just yesterday, we covered news from VinFast confirming at least 50 stores coming to the EU beginning in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. According to the automaker, EU customers who purchase a VF 8 or VF 9 in 2022 and 2023 can take advantage of a reward subscription policy that is attached to the EV for its entire life cycle.

EV purchases in the EU include a complimentary year of VinFast Smart Driving with Level 2+ ADAS and Smart Services suite.

Not to be outdone, VinFast has promised the same rewards for US customers but has sweetened the pot even more by adding a choice of either free charging or a home charger.

VinFast’s VF 8 on display at the LA Auto show last November / Credit: Scooter Doll

Free charging or a VinFast home charger? It’s up to you.

US consumers should be excited about their new options when it comes to buying a VinFast EV. Before the Vietnamese automaker shared details of its Charged-Up Program in a press release today, the rewards for buying a VinFast EV were … lackluster.

In April, we shared news that US customers purchasing a VinFast EV would receive not one, but two complimentary charging sessions from Electrify America. At the time, we pointed out how disappointing this free charging bonus was, especially compared to other automakers with certain EVs that come with at least a year of free charging. You readers shared a similar sentiment.

Fear not prospective VinFast buyers because the Charged-Up Program has plenty of free charging to offer – if that’s the option you prefer. According to VinFast, the following perks are available to US consumers who reserve a VF 8 or VF 9 between May 31 and September 30, 2022:

  • Option 1: Access to free charging for three years, with unlimited sessions on Electrify America’s network, beginning the day of delivery of your new VinFast EV 
  • Option 2: One free VinFast Level 2 Home Charger and a $1,200 credit to be applied toward installation by a VinFast service partner

Like European customers, US drivers will also receive one free year of the VinFast Smart Driving package, including Level 2+ ADAS and Smart Services suite:

  • Automated lane changing assist
  • Smart parking assist
  • Remote parking assist
  • Smart summon mode
  • Voice assistants (including Cerence and Alexa)
  • Geo-fencing, time-fencing, live traffic, satellite view, and in-car shopping
  • Mobile home and office enabling virtual assistant
  • Streaming apps, games, web browsers, and smart home control

Lastly, VinFast reiterated that all customers who purchase a VF 8 or VF 9 in 2022 and 2023 will be locked into their rate for a permanent battery subscription for the entire life of the vehicle – no increases.

The VF 8 and VF 9 are available to reserve now before deliveries begin in the United States later this year.

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