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This article is attributed to Girish Nagpal, Co-Founder, and CEO of MetroRide.

20th October 2011 was a memorable day for all of us in Bangalore. Phase 1 of the Namma Metro connecting Baiyyappanahalli – MG Road opened to the public. A new beginning, a new hope- it seemed this was the end of all daily commute woes for the Namma Bengaluru commuters.  

Fast forward to 2022: It has been over a decade now, and Namma Metro still runs at less than 40% of its projected numbers. No, this is not due to COVID Pandemic as even the Pre COVID numbers had the same trend. A transit system offering an airconditioned commute at 1/4th the price, a reliable ETA, in a non-polluting vehicle, and offering a far lesser travel time not having takers is beyond any pragmatic logic.

Why would such a super product not sell? 

70% of the potential Bangalore Metro users cited poor first- and last-mile connectivity as a reason for not using it, according to a WRI survey.

The entire world today is battling climate change. We are looking for ways to reduce pollution in all forms and somehow save this planet before it’s too late and an efficient public transport system is undoubtedly the way forward. “While the whole automotive sector is talking about EV adoption, it’s not EVs alone, but fewer vehicles on the road with more public transport is the key”.

This was the thought that came into my mind while facing rejections from several autorickshaw guys, and multiple app-based cabs while waiting to get dropped off at the JP Nagar Metro station, just 2.5kms away from my home. Kaaman, my old-time friend, faced a similar problem back in the US.

We could have just kept driving to the office as usual & avoided this huge issue grappling not just JP Nagar or Bangalore but each of our urban cities globally. But bigger problems need bigger initiatives & we knew this is a cause we can commit our lives to, and solve this problem for the world: MetroRide was born! 

MetroRide is a multi-modal mobility platform that connects commuters to the nearest public transport stations at reasonable prices and with minimal wait times. It is focused on solving the first and last-mile connectivity problem for daily commuters by offering them seamless, affordable, and sustainable connectivity.

We enable commuters to book their end-to-end journey on a single app. We deliver these promises consistently using our proprietary technology and Artificial Intelligence as the backbone of the MetroRide solution. 

How does MetroRide Work?

We are all aware of the difficulty while booking cabs for short distances. If you’re lucky and a cab does come your way, they charge exorbitant prices. MetroRide is a green startup that caters to these short-distance rides with zero ride denials & cancellations from drivers.

We are bringing public transport ticket bookings too in our app to provide you with a single booking mechanism for your end-to-end journey. The team is committed to the environment and using EVs helps us to do just that. MetroRide reduces carbon footprint from the first and last mile & also encourages you to use public transport as much as possible.

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MetroRide is currently operational in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, and Hyderabad. We work closely with the Metro Corporations and other transportation agencies as this is a win-win scenario for both parties. Our impact-driven start-up has been recognized by various national and international organizations for their social & environmental work by NASSCOM, Climate Collective, Govt of Karnataka, FCDO, UK & GAMIC, USA. 

Impact drives us:

Apart from zero carbon emission and helping save the planet, MetroRide strongly promotes women empowerment and helps women restart their careers. Many of the drivers in our fleet are women who were trained and given all the guidance they needed to acquire their licenses. Today they drive not just our EVs but their lives too with great confidence & dignity.

So, the next time you are stuck at a metro station and looking for a cab to drop you home, remember us. Now you don’t have to pay double the price for a cab. You no longer have to wait 20 minutes to travel 2 km. Now you don’t have to regret not bringing your personal vehicle along.

All you must do is download the “MetroRide India” app from the Google Play Store or AppStore and enjoy a seamless, affordable, and sustainable ride to your destination! The cherry on the cake? Zero carbon footprint while also promoting women empowerment.

When are you booking your first ride with MetroRide?


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