Letin Mengo is a Super Affordable Mini-EV Designed by Legendary Italian Company




Chinese micro electric vehicles
(EVs) are catching the attention of enthusiasts and automotive journalism
outlets across the globe.

One of the recent offerings in
that segment is Letin Mengo EV — a five-door hatchback for a young family of
five. It competes with Changan Lumin Corn, Chery QQ, Wuling Mini-EV, and similar models.


Although the car is designed by
Pininfarina — a legendary design house from Italy — it has a reasonably subdued
look. Except for a few sharp lines, sporty rear fascia, sleek
headlights and taillights, and two-tone body paint, Mengo looks the same as
other hatchbacks.



Letin Mengo is available in 5
variants. Each variant has a single electric motor that supports fast and slow
charging. It produces a maximum of 47 horsepower (hp), 125 Newton-meters (Nm)
of torque, and has a top speed of 100km/h.

It features 3 lithium iron
phosphate batteries:

The low-end variant has an 11.52
kWh battery pack that offers 130 kilometers of driving range.

Mid-tier variants have a 17.28
kWh battery pack that offers a 185 km driving range.

The top-tier variant has a 29.44
kWh battery pack that offers a 300 km driving range.

Letin Mengo also has
several modern features such as a 9-inch central control screen, climate
control, GPS navigation, a 5G connection, and various driver-assist features.



The interior is also fashionable and reasonably roomy for 5 passengers, including two adults and
three children. The rear seats have ISO fix child seat anchor points and decent
luggage space.

In China, Letin Mengo starts from
39,800 RMB (1.18 million PKR) and goes up to 59,800 RMB (1.77 million PKR). Letin Mengo seems to be a fierce contender
in China’s mini-EV market, given its features and practicality.


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