Kansas Police Department Adds Tesla Model Y To Fleet


Electric police cars are becoming more and more common. That\’s to be expected though, as the real-world range of EVs is constantly improving, and charging infrastructure is getting more prevalent. Coupled with EVs peppy acceleration and low running costs and it\’s a win-win situation for both police departments and the environment.

The latest force to add an EV to its fleet was Leawood Police Department, Kansas. The PD added a Tesla Model Y Long Range to its patrol division. Leawood PD had been exploring the possibility of adding an EV to its lineup for over a year before finally deciding the Model Y was its best option.

The primary reason for the decision to go electric was running costs. At current gas prices, a Ford Explorer would cost in excess of $6,000 a year to run. Meanwhile, a Model Y would set the PD back around $700 provided the majority of charging was done at the police station and not on public infrastructure. Given police cars stay in service for several years and often clock up over 100,000 miles in the long run gas savings will be substantial, even if prices are to return to normality. In this case, Leawood PD wants to keep the Model Y for roughly four years. In that period, it could potentially save the PD in excess of $20,000 versus an ICE vehicle.

The Model Y isn\’t the only EV joining police forces throughout the world. Over in the UK a Nissan Leaf recently joined Gloucestershire\’s PD. Meanwhile, back in the US several Ford Mustang Mach-E EVs will join the NYPD later this summer. Also, the Tesla Model 3 is becoming a popular choice for police forces throughout North America.

What are your thoughts on electric police cars? Do you think a real-world range of 200-250 miles is sufficient for law enforcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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