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Natural Battery Technologies is a leading Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturer in India, located out of Rajasthan., focusing on delivering value through product and process innovation that will cater to the growing market for environment-friendly fuel supply. 

The company provides a wide range of products such as Lithium-Ion Batteries, Lithium-Ion Cells, LiFePO4 Cells, Battery management Systems, Solar Home Lighting systems, Battery Packs for Solar Street lights, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Energy Storage systems (UPS & Inverter) & other portable devices, thus customizing the technology for various uses. 

Natural Battery Technologies work collaboratively with Electric Vehicle companies and other users on enhancing the range, design, and safety of the vehicles. The company targets delivering proven safety, higher efficiency, and longer cycles, so that the batteries become the most trusted brand by electrical vehicle manufacturers and solar energy storage.

Natural Battery Technologies also designed Solar Street Light Batteries which would last longer than Lead Acid Batteries. The technology developed through Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries delivers high power density, deep cycling capability, and a service life much longer than that of Lead Acid batteries. Through continuous technology up-gradation, Li-Ion batteries also accept high charge currents and recharge very quickly. Being maintenance-free and Li-Ion batteries deliver a low-cost but premium product.

The batteries can be used for outdoor applications because they discharge reliably at temperatures up to +60°C and can be recharged at temperatures up to +50°C.

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) proudly categorizes its battery as one of the most modern products with the following advantages vis-à-vis the other products in the market:

  • 50% More Energy Efficient
  • 40% Longer Run Times
  • 50% Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • 45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries
  • Plug and Play Technology

New Developments

The company is developing high-performance batteries with increased safety parameters. The Battery packs are Weatherproof and made of strong external closures. The battery is built with shockproof material to withstand strong impacts at high speeds.

The batteries will be swappable within e-bikes and e-scooters to boost the charging infrastructure. These long-range batteries can enable mileage of two-wheelers with more than 250km as compared to average scooter batteries which are 75-150Kms.

Funding & expansion plans

Presently bootstrapped, the company plans to raise institutional funding this year to bring new, disruptive, and innovative technologies and products to cater to the automobile and Energy storage industry

Founders Team


Puneet Jain is the founder of Natural Battery Technologies, a leading Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer in India. 

A chain innovator and entrepreneur with seven years of experience in business leadership, start-ups, and nurturing technology for good, Puneet is a young but experienced hand in all aspects of business formation.

Well-versed in the fields of business operation, finance, and management, Puneet is also a very effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. Leading from the front, Puneet does not believe in failures but only relentless optimism.

After a stint in Dubai, Puneet returned to Jaipur to be a part of the emerging market in electric vehicles and thus produce the most important OEM for the green vehicle—that is the green but efficient battery. Family base and know-how supported the endeavor to the extent that Natural Battery Technologies today produces customized products for various markets beyond batteries for vehicles.

Before going into battery manufacturing, Puneet worked in Rezen Technologies DWC-LLC in Dubai and also Instafer, again a startup in Dubai, where he has been at the helm of building a prototype for a P2P decentralized international remittance and micro-finance platform using blockchain technology.

Puneet’s career as an entrepreneur started way back in 2015, when he started Natural AgroEx, with the interest to promote local farmers of Rajasthan, to help them get the best prices for their crops by exposing them to international markets. Technology provided the bridge to connect the two distant lands.

He can talk about Growth & opportunities in EV Industry in India, the Lithium battery market, Trends in this market, the Manufacturing industry, and entrepreneurship. 

Saurabh Patawari- Founder of Natural Battery Tech

Saurabh Patawari, the Partner, of Natural Batteries Technologies, put on his entrepreneurial hat while conceptualizing and partnering with Puneet, to explore the battery market in India. Saurabh, who had experience in the energy sector because of his family’s interest in the transmission and distribution business, combined his previous knowledge as an investment banker and technology follower to play a leading role at Natural Batteries Technologies.

The two partners, brought in together by a mutual friend found commonalities in direction of manufacturing green batteries that will be powering the e-vehicle revolution of India. Starting to manufacture for e-rickshaws, Natural Batteries today manufacture for most the battery-operated vehicles, batteries for solar power, and others.

Saurabh has brought in his ten years’ experience at National Electricals Equipment Corp, before starting up with battery manufacturing to access the market, create a supply chain and lead the initiative through changes and transformations towards becoming a leading OEM supplier in the segment.


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