Iveco Group chooses HTWO (Hyundai) fuel cell systems for the next generation of hydrogen buses in Europe


Iveco Group , through its brand IVECO BUS, will partner with HTWO to equip its future European hydrogen-powered buses with world-leading fuel cell systems. HTWO, as a fuel cell system-based hydrogen business brand of Hyundai Motor Group, was first released in December 2020 with Hyundai’s strong commitment to hydrogen economy.

With its proven fuel cell technology utilized in Hyundai FCEVs, HTWO is expanding the provision of fuel cell technology to other automobile OEMs and non-automobile sectors to make hydrogen available for everything.


Hyundai fuel cell system. (1)
Fuel Cell Stack. Fuel cell stacks consist of hundreds of cells, each consisting of an electrolyte membrane, separator and catalyst, a fuel electrode and an air electrode. (2) Fuel Processing System. The fuel processing system is responsible for transferring hydrogen safely stored in the hydrogen tank from high pressure to low pressure and moving it to the fuel cell stack. It also improves the efficiency of the hydrogen supply through the recirculation line. (3) Air Processing System. The oxygen necessary to react with hydrogen is drawn from the atmosphere. Such air drawn into the FCEV passes through an air purification system that cleans it of particulates and other unwanted matter, leaving the air cleaner. This is necessary for keeping the fuel cell stack from pollutants. (4) Thermal Management System. Fuel cell systems require a thermal management system to manage the temperature of the fuel cell stack. This is to prevent the electrolyte membrane within the fuel cell stack from being exposed to high heat, as that would curb optimal performance and lifespan.

IVECO BUS is already participating in European tenders for fuel cell buses powered by HTWO. Furthermore, the recently announced plan to restart production of buses in Italy will provide another opportunity to manufacture new buses powered by HTWO’s hydrogen fuel cells.

This initiative aims to leverage the exceptional technology and competencies of both entities in the urgently needed renewal of Italy’s public transport.

By collaborating with an industry leader like HTWO, built upon Hyundai’s 20-plus years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology, we at IVECO BUS can respond rapidly to customer requests for zero-emission vehicles powered by cutting- edge propulsion technology. We have already started submitting public tenders for hydrogen-powered buses and will continue in the coming months; as we go on playing our leading role in the energy transition of Europe’s mass passenger transport segment.

—Domenico Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit at Iveco Group


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