It is a very good solution for this generation of cars to be a front stop for Apple cars



Apple officially announced a new
generation of CarPlay at the WWDC22 Global Developers Conference. In this
regard, Xiaopeng Motors chairman He Xiaopeng expressed his views on Weibo.

Xiaopeng said that for iOS,
(CarPlay) is an expansion of the ecosystem, and it is also a front-stop
for Apple cars. For iPhone users, (CarPlay) is definitely a
significant enhancement of experience and scenes, and some car manufacturers
have similar judgments when making mobile phones.

For smart cars, He Xiaopeng
believes that CarPlay is a subset of smart cockpits, and smart cockpits are a
subset of smart car interaction systems. In the process of smart cars
transforming from autonomous driving to unmanned driving, there will be a very
high degree of integration and expanded imagination. Powerful hardware +
software changes cannot be achieved with the original automotive
integrated R&D model. This is also the next-generation imagination of
smart cars. This may also be why Apple wants to enter the era of
smart cars.

He Xiaopeng said that CarPlay
is a perfect solution for this generation of cars. The next-generation smart car solutions require more comprehensive full-stack
self-development and ecological construction.

Electric Wheelco has learned that
Apple CarPlay will be able to send content to multiple displays in the vehicle;
deeper integration with the vehicle will allow users to directly control the
radio through CarPlay, adjust the interior environment and other operations;
CarPlay Vehicle data is also captured to seamlessly display driving speed, fuel
level, interior temperature, and more gauge information.



In addition, users will be able
to personalize their driving experience and choose different dashboard display
interfaces; in addition, support for widgets has been added, and users will be
able to view the quick-view information of the weather app and music app
directly on the vehicle\’s dashboard.


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