India\’s first electric tractor with solar charging technology



  • Cellestial E Mobility has Showcased India’s First Electric tractor With Solar Charging Technology at the Karnataka EV expo.

The EV Expo in Bengaluru is organized by the Government of Karnataka and is scheduled for today, to promote renewable energy and create a better environment for the promotion of electric vehicles in the state. The EV Expo saw over 100 booths from various stakeholders from across the globe showcasing products, solutions, and new EV technology.

The Karnataka government’s Electric Vehicle (EV) show in Bengaluru on Friday opened with much fanfare and showcased everything from folding electric bikes to electric tractors.

A tractor from Celestial E-Mobility caught the attention of many participants, this electric tractor is powered by solar energy. yes! you heard right 

Hyderabad-based Celestial E Mobility has showcased India’s first electric tractor with solar charging technology.


As of now, the company has not revealed its price, range, and specification details and as we can see that they have marked it as a demo, the production of this solar-powered electric tractor will start soon.

Let us see when we can see this electric tractor reaching the fields. But surely it will be the vehicle of revolution for the Indian farmers, as the tractor gets electricity on its own.

Celestial E-Mobility offers electric tractors in India in three models- 27 HP Tractor, 35 HP Tractor, and 55 HP Tractor.

The company raised USD 5,00,000 in a pre-Series A fundraise and is valued at USD 35 million.


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