image released ahead of January debut


Mercedes-Benz\’s revolutionary
EQXX electric car concept promises a real-world range of 620 miles and striking


Mercedes-Benz is just days away
from unveiling its Vision EQXX concept, an ultra-efficient EV focusing on
aerodynamics. Now, the firm has put out a revealing teaser image showing the
car\’s profile.

Mercedes\’ COO Markus Schafer has
previously disclosed that it promises a real-world range of 1000km (620 miles).
Dubbed \”the most efficient vehicle the brand has ever built\”, the Vision EQXX
will be unveiled online on 3rd January 2022, before transferring to the
Mercedes-Benz stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas a few
days later.

The latest preview image is the
most revealing yet, showing most of the car\’s profile. The
focus on aerodynamic efficiency gives the Vision EQXX a radical shape, with a
low front-end, rising bonnet, narrow glasshouse and curved roofline. The rear, in particular, is striking, with a long overhang that slopes downwards from the
car\’s four-door centre.

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Mercedes says that the new car
\”demonstrates the gains that are possible through rethinking the fundamentals
from the ground up. This includes advances across all elements of its
cutting-edge electric drivetrain and the use of lightweight engineering
and sustainable materials.\”

The Vision EQXX is more than just
a show stand trailer queen because it previews the brand\’s future electric
vehicle technology. It won\’t directly spawn a new Mercedes EV, but bosses have
already confirmed that some of the findings from the project will trickle down
into the brand\’s production cars.

The prototype was first teased
during Mercedes\’s 2020 strategy presentation. Previous images have shown the
car\’s rear three-quarter view and front-end design, meaning we have a pretty
good idea of what it\’ll look like before the unveiling.

Engineers working on the project
claim that rather than increasing the battery capacity (and weight),
improving a car\’s aerodynamic efficiency is key to unlocking such a long-range
figure. Mercedes engineers explained: \”The easiest way is to put a bigger
battery in the car, but it leads to diminishing returns. The key is an efficiency
of vehicle and powertrain.\”

Earlier this year, Schafer also
mentioned that his team was working on improving the output of its battery
packs, saying: \”In terms of aerodynamics, this project aims at going even beyond
what\’s been achieved with the EQS, already the world\’s lowest Cd series
production car ever. And we are also working on increasing the energy density
by an additional 20 per cent at the cell level compared to the EQS.


Mercedes\’s teaser images clearly show the engineers\’ aerodynamic intentions. The prototype has a
tiny frontal area while transitioning from the bonnet to the windscreen and has a
shallow rake to aid airflow. Vents and gills have also been kept to a minimum,
with the only noticeable intakes being mounted on the bonnet.


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At the last preview for
the EQXX, Schafer said: \”We\’re talking about the future of Mercedes-Benz. And
naturally, it\’s all about numbers, facts and data. But we all know
the real magic happens when impressive technological achievements become a reality in a car. That\’s why I\’m very proud to give you a preview of our Vision

\”Back in 2020, we initiated an
exciting next step in electric vehicle development and put together a
cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team of experts supported by specialists
from the Mercedes-AMG F1 team.

\”We instructed them to aim beyond
1,000 km on one charge. But not by making the battery bigger. Anybody could do
that. No, they\’re working with a standard-sized battery, destined for series
production in a forthcoming Mercedes compact car. Efficiency is the new

\”Our eDrive experts are making
rapid gains in efficiency and pushing the boundaries of what\’s possible in
terms of emotion, inverter, battery design, packaging and thermal management.
They\’re chasing marginal gains that compound to substantial increases in range. We aim to integrate these auto-new technologies in future Mercedes road

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