Hyundai Ioniq 6 efficiency gains, Panasonic US battery factory, GM charging network: Today’s Car News


Panasonic is building a U.S. battery “mega factory.” Hyundai revealed more about what the Ioniq 6 electric sedan gains versus Ioniq 5—and why it looks so different. And GM and Pilot are getting in the charging business. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Look out Electrify America. GM and Pilot this morning announced a coast-to-coast EV fast-charging network. Facilitated with EVgo and only using 350-kw hardware—with chargers located about every 50 miles—it aims for some of the money from the federal EV charging infrastructure buildout. Expect 500 stations in an initial stage, due to be installed from 2023-2025. 

Hyundai released more information about its stunning Ioniq 6 electric sedan and confirmed a U.S. arrival for the first quarter of 2023. We looked at how, despite a common platform and much shared underneath it all, the Ioniq 6 makes a very different design statement than the Ioniq 5. And, we outlined how Ioniq 6 driving range and efficiency might be especially great, due to a series of engineering enhancements. It will be the first with full over-the-air updates, too. 

And Panasonic selected Kansas City for what it claims will be the largest battery plant in the world—a “mega-factory” that will supply Tesla and other automakers with cylindrical cells. It also this week revealed that it anticipates a 20% energy density boost for its EV batteries by 2030—perhaps helping downsize batteries, extend range, or both. 


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