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Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry and sustainable transportation. Electric vehicles are spreading all over the country as people are becoming aware of this technology, thanks to tata motors, ola electric, and Ather energy for giving the best vehicle and people choosing EVs over petrol vehicles.

It’s a fact that electric vehicles are costlier than ICE vehicles, but if that’s holding you back from owning electric vehicles, then EV conversion may be the solution for you. Yes! You can own an electric car without paying extra money, you can convert your old petrol or diesel to electric at such a low cost in India.

Plus, it’s not as hard as we think about it. And it is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so to fight climate change, we must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

And this can be done by converting your petrol and diesel cars into electric vehicles.

let’s understand

What is EV conversion?

In automobile engineering, electric vehicle conversion is the replacement of a car’s combustion engine and associated components with an electric motor and battery, to create a full-electric vehicle. Source Wikipedia

So, it is a process in which a normal car or a normal vehicle is converted into an electric vehicle using a battery and electric motor. In this process, the original parts of an old vehicle are replaced with new parts. Replacement of engine and associated components, etc.

In order to make it eco-friendly, the authority now allows companies to make some changes to their vehicle. A decade ago, people did not prefer to buy electric vehicles due to a lack of awareness. But now, the coming generation is so updated by technology and environmental concerns.

Electric vehicles (EVs) come with huge benefits for their owner as well as the environment.

The question that arises here is-

Whether EV conversion is viable in India?

the question we asked our community on Linkedin, and you can see the result


So the answer is yes, EV conversion is possible and various companies are working in this area, even some companies convert normal vehicles to electric vehicles at a very low cost.

Companies are converting vehicles to electric by simply changing a few parts. Whereas in India the cost of conversion is around 4-5 lakhs and if you want more modifications then this cost can be more.

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Now, Wach video this video for a better understanding of “how to convert petrol cars into the electric car”

How to Convert Petrol Car to Electric Car? Electric Car Conversion Video

Credits – EV News & Updates (YouTube Channel)


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