Holley Invites EVs To Inaugural \’High Voltage Experience\’


Holley will host a special event exclusively for fully electric vehicles. The \”High Voltage Experience\” will offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for EV owners, drivers, and enthusiasts, including a variety of high-performance driving events, as well as an opportunity to interact with like-minded members of the EV community.

For those unaware, Holley takes pride in being a leader in the high-performance automotive aftermarket space. The company – headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky – designs, markets, and manufactures aftermarket products for car and truck enthusiasts. 

Holley provides a massive selection of iconic brands \”that deliver innovation and inspiration to a large and diverse community of millions of avid automotive enthusiasts passionate about the performance and personalization of their classic and modern cars.\”


Holley\’s Chief Marketing Officer Sean Crawford shared:

“Community, performance, and fun is important to automotive enthusiasts. With a growing population of EV owners, we want to provide a place for them to get out and have fun with their vehicles and community. The High Voltage Experience is the perfect place to meet other EV enthusiasts, see incredible vehicles, and enjoy their own vehicle on the track in a safe environment.”


High Voltage Experience will feature a long list of motorsports events, including autocross, road course, drag racing, and a special 3S Challenge that combines aspects from a variety of high-performance events.

Holley High Voltage will highlight drifting exhibitions, along with drag racing passes by the world\’s first 200-mph EV dragster. What\’s more, professional race car driver and EV lap record holder Randy Pobst will be on hand to offer driving instruction to those interested.


In addition to the long list of events, Holley High Voltage will afford EV aficionados the opportunity to hang out and socialize in a community setting. The event will feature a unique car show with personalized cars and EV conversions. Attendees will include EV owners, drivers, influencers, and makers, including Rich Rebuilds, Bisimoto Engineering, Jehu Garcia, and more.

For more information visit www.Holleyhighvoltage.com.


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