Here\’s How To Buy A Tesla Cybertruck For Only $99 A Month


Interested in buying the Tesla Cybertruck but worried that it might be priced beyond your budget? What if we told you there\’s a way to get one of these electric pickup trucks for under $100 per month.

Even the cheapest Tesla Cybertruck checks in at $39,900, so how could you possibly get one for under $100 per month? By being creative, saving some money, selling your current car and…well, let\’s just face it. The key here is being very creative in fact.

We should point out that there are a lot of assumptions both in the video and in the description below. Furthermore, we\’ll add that InsideEVs is not a financial site and we don\’t provide financial advice, so seek professional advice if unsure about any of the suggestions presented here.

Okay, so how do we get the Tesla Cybertruck for $99 per month? There are several required steps, which include advertising with your truck, signing up to allow others to test drive it for a fee, save on fuel since electricity is cheaper than gas and so on.

We\’re not suggesting this is the best method for everyone or even that a $99 pickup is achievable, but there are ways to reduce vehicle costs if you\’re willing to think outside the box.

Video description via Alex Beau – A Finance Channel on YouTube:

My official plan to own a CYBERTRUCK for $99 per month net cost! Hope you guys enjoy!

Step 1:

Save 5$ a day. That means $150 per month and that should be about $4500 by the time the single motor Cybertruck starts to get delivered to customers in late 2022. Taking the $4500 off the $39,900 purchase price means we are at $35,400

Step 2:

Sell your current car

Obviously, you don’t want to sell it NOW, because at the time of this video it will be over two years until you can reasonably expect to get one of these beasts. BUT plan on selling your car later on. I’m going to have to pick an amount you will get for your car which is difficult because I can’t possibly know the value of everyone\’s cars, but I’ll go with a reasonably average, and fairly conservative number of $5000.

This lets us add another $5000 to our down payment of $4500 making it $9500 which means we only need to finance $30,400 which will help our monthly payment substantially.

So let’s now go with that number and finance it for 72 months at 3.11 percent. You end up with a monthly payment of…


Now I know what you are thinking…that’s not $99. But don’t worry, we aren’t finished quite yet. This is where we start to get creative. We have a total of $364 to knock off of this before we hit our target.

The Cybertruck is all electric which means it’s super-efficient. Since you’re filling this up with electrons rather than gasoline, you should see your costs to operate it go down. Also, you will save on maintenance as it doesn’t need things like oil changes.

The average person who switches to an electric car sees savings of about $600-1000 per year on fuel and maintenance. I’m going to go with the $600 number to be conservative again. So that brings our cost down by $50 per month.

Now we are at $413

The next two are starting to get a little more out there, but hey if you want this crazy machine for less than $100 a month you need a less traditional approach.

Turn it into a billboard with carvertise or another advertising service.

You can get paid 100-400$ per month to advertise on your car! They pay for the wrap and pay you per “campaign” which usually lasts anywhere from a few months to 6 months. They have some limitations like you have to be 18 and you have to drive a certain amount of miles, but the numbers are low enough for most peoples commute typically. Let’s go with $100 on the low end, though I bet you could get a premium with this attention-getter.

That puts us at $313 a month so we have $214 to go but don’t worry I have a plan.

This thing is going to break necks and a lot of gas truck owners are going to see it in your driveway and want to test it out for themselves to see what all the hype is about. And you will let these curious people take it out for the day…4 times a month. At a price of $65 per day. That’s right, you’re going to put that thing on Turo and let the pickup location for your work. The person will come to get the car and drop it off at the end of the day either back at your work or at your house. I think $65 is reasonable considering how new it will be and how much interest it will inevitably have. Also, just to be conservative, I’m going to assume you need a ride home from work every day and budget $11.50 a ride.

So our monthly cost of the Cybertruck goes up by $46 due to the rideshare budget to get home from work 4 times a month, which puts us at $359.

But we are bringing in $65 per ride 4 times a month so we can lower the $359 monthly cost by $260. So what do you end up with!?!? 99 DOLLAR A MONTH CYBERTRUCK.

The lesson here? Sometimes in life, if you’ve got crazy goals, you might need to do some crazy things to get there. This video is definitely a bit tongue in cheek, as not everyone is down for driving a billboard around or renting their car to people on the internet, but hey not everyone can write off the full cost of a $40,000 car either right? Being creative and thinking outside the box can open up opportunities you didn\’t even know you had. Are these the only two approaches to being able to afford a Cybertruck by late 2022? Absolutely not! You could spend those two years working on a side hustle to get your increase your income. You could spend two years applying for new jobs that pay more than your current one. You could sell a kidney. I mean you’ve got two and those things are worth like 10 grand. But for real guys, if you find yourself with a lofty goal, don’t be afraid to apply some creativity and see what you can come up with to get you there, even if it seems a bit out there. No risk, no reward right?

Be creative, be diligent with your savings, and apply proven strategies to increase your income, and someday you will be
able to pull a Graham Stephan and write off the entire cost of your Tesla as a business expense.



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