Here Are The Best Parts To Buy For Your Tesla Model 3 On eBay Motors


Finding parts for any new vehicle can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but the hunt gets even more challenging when tracking down components for electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3. Fortunately, eBay Motors makes it simple to find any part you need for your EV. You can search for particular parts from the eBay Motors homepage or use the helpful My Garage feature to focus searches on specific vehicles. Either way, here are the five best parts that we found to buy for your Tesla Model 3 on eBay:

Dual Wireless Smartphone Charger


Wireless smartphone charging is a huge convenience in modern cars, but in the case of the Tesla Model 3, this feature is only built into 2021 and newer model years. The good news is that if you’re looking for a dual wireless smartphone charging pad for your 2020 and older Model 3, eBay has plenty of options including this low-cost wireless charger that fits in the factory center console without the need for any modifications. You can buy this Dual Wireless Smartphone Charger on eBay Motors right now for $29.99.

Trunk and Frunk Struts


Of all the advantages of owning an electric vehicle like the Tesla Model 3, one such feature that is often overlooked is the added cargo space these cars provide. To make accessing the front and rear cargo areas even easier, you can upgrade your Model 3 with aftermarket hood and trunk supports like the ones shown here. The cool part about these pneumatic struts is that they are designed to open the trunk and “frunk” all the way after you pop them open. You can buy this set of Trunk and Trunk Struts from eBay Motors right now for just $18.98.

Standard Range Battery Pack


The extent of parts available to purchase on eBay Motors is obvious when you look at this 54-kWh battery pack that was pulled from a used Tesla Model 3. In addition to being a perfect replacement for the battery in your Model 3, such a part has other uses as well. For example, some Tesla owners are creating trailers to tow behind their vehicle that house an extra battery in order to act as a range extender. On top of that, converting gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles is becoming more prevalent, so used battery packs like this one will be in greater demand. You can buy this Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Battery Pack on eBay Motors right now for $10,499.95.

Chrome Delete Kit


The blacked-out look is a common trend these days, and there are lots of options for chrome delete kits for the Tesla Model 3. The product shown here is a vinyl kit that is applied to the chrome trim around the window, and it features a carbon fiber pattern. To create a total blacked-out exterior, there are separate kits available to cover up the chrome door handles and mirror trim, as well. You can buy this Chrome Delete Kit on eBay Motors right now for $92.95. 

15-inch Screen Protector


Screen protectors are a must for smartphones and tablets, so why not afford the 15-inch screen in your Tesla Model 3 the same protection? This tempered glass screen protector was developed specifically for the Model 3 (and Model Y), so it’s sure to fit right and provide protection against scratches and fingerprints. And to keep the factory look of the screen, the stick-on protector features a clear finish to maintain the screen’s factory HD clarity. You can buy this 15-inch Screen Protector on eBay Motors right now for just $22.99.

5 Best Parts To Buy For The Tesla Model 3 On eBay Motors


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