GRIDSERVE unveils new Electric Super Hubs at Heston and Severn View


Sustainable energy company GRIDSERVE and Moto, the UK’s largest motorway services operator, have unveiled two new high-power Electric Super Hubs in Moto Severn View and Moto Heston Westbound as part of their ongoing nationwide effort to improve access to charging facilities.

This year, Moto and GRIDSERVE have added 53 high-power chargers across six new Electric Super Hubs in historically underserved areas of the UK, including Swansea, Exeter, Thurrock and Burton-in-Kendal.

To begin with, six chargers have been launched at Severn View and 11 chargers at Heston, with capacity to expand when future demand requires. The 350kW-capable high power chargers can deliver up to 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

“GRIDSERVE is continuing its multimillion-pound investment in the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway charging network with the launch of its fifth and sixth Electric Super Hubs delivered so far this year,” said Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE.

“We’re building a robust, dependable, nationwide charging network so that anyone, anywhere, can feel confident about driving any type of electric vehicle and have a great charging experience.”

All GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs at Moto locations have been designed to feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, accept contactless payments and provide at least one extra-wide accessible charging bay for every six EV charging spaces. With real-time status updates from GRIDSERVE chargers shared with Zap-Map, drivers can have confidence in the rapidly expanding network, knowing the availability of chargers before arriving on site.


The new GRIDSERVE hub at at Severn View sports six ultra-rapid chargers.

“We are committed to ensuring all corners of the UK can benefit from the EV revolution, and these latest sites, along with our Swansea Electric Super Hub mean that EV drivers can now exclusively rely on GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs to power them from London to Pembrokeshire or Pembrokeshire to London along the M4,” Harper continued.

There are currently new high-power GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs, all with 350kW-capable chargers, located at the following Moto service areas: Moto Rugby (12 chargers), Moto Swansea (6), Moto Exeter (12), Moto Burton in Kendal (6), Moto Thurrock (12), Moto Severn View (6) and Moto Heston (11).

In addition to Moto Severn View’s newly launched high-powered electric vehicle charging hub, the site will retain its 60kW medium-power GRIDSERVE charger, as well as two untethered up to 22kW AC chargers.


Visitors to Moto Heston Westbound will be able to use one of 11 ultra-rapid GRIDSERVE chargers.

“As the largest UK Motorway Services Operator, Moto is setting out to transform the EV charging experience for motorists on motorways with the roll-out of Ultra-Rapid Charging Hubs at all of our sites over the coming 12 months,” said Moto Chief Executive, Ken McMeikan.

“Alongside our partners at GRIDSERVE, this roll-out is allowing us to bring significant upgrades in power and charging facilities at our sites. We are absolutely delighted with our two newest EV ultra-rapid hubs at Severn View on the M4 and Heston on the M1 and hope that EV drivers will love them.”


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