GAC unveils new higher energy density LFP battery, 1.5L hydrogen engine


Among the technologies displayed at 2022 GAC Tech day at the GAC R&D Center was a new-generation LFP battery built on microcrystalline technology (SmLFP). Compared with the current mass-produced lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market, the super-energy lithium iron battery has an increase of 13.5% in mass energy density, 20% in volume energy density, about 10% in low temperature capacity at -20°C, and a fast charge of more than 2C.

The life of the battery can reach more than 1.5 million kilometers (>4000 weeks @ 80%)—effectively solving the technical problem of a “balanced performance” lithium battery.

Aside from the SmLFP technology, GAC Group displayed its Mega Waves Hybrid Modular Architecture (originally announced in April) and unveiled its 1.5L hydrogen-fueled engine for the first time, positioned as an element in the hybrid system.

Four major categories of the modular hybrid architecture include an economical single-speed system; a dynamic power split system; a power-saving multi-speed system; and a high-efficiency zero-carbon-hydrogen hybrid system.

The hydrogen engine features a hydrogen consumption of 0.84kg/100km. GAC’s first hydrogen engine using hydrogen direct injection technology was successfully ignited in September 2021. The operation verification time exceeds 12,000 hours, and the thermal efficiency is expected to reach 44%.


GAC hydrogen hybrid system

The hydrogen hybrid system comprises the hydrogen internal combustion engine and a GMC electromechanical coupling system.

The GMC electromechanical coupling system offers high efficiency, high performance and high integration, and is compatible with all XEV models. This year, GAC Trumpchi will launch a flagship MPV model equipped with high-torque GMC, with a pure electric cruising range of more than 100km and a comprehensive system power of 270 kW.

GAC Group also presented the Psi Operating System, its independently developed industry-first, vehicle-wide, cross-domain and standardized operating system based on the X-SOUL Electrical and electronic architecture . The system effectively enhances the vehicle computer systems’ software compatibility by unifying its interface and core components.

A new and improved ADiGO Ecosystem, now expanded to include a smart cockpit solution in addition to driving assistance technologies, was also unveiled.
The ADiGO SPACE Intelligent Cockpit System features an intelligent voice assistant that responds in less than 0.6 seconds, and top-notch sound system with up-to-date infotainment content.

Meanwhile, the upgraded ADiGO PILOT Intelligent Driving System is now equipped with 39 advanced sensors and a high-performance computing platform. Applicable not only to advanced driving assistance technologies and intelligent parking, ADiGO PILOT is also used in autonomous robotaxi services.

GAC also revealed the hydrogen-powered MPV concept car SPACE.


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