Ford F-150 Lightning Owner Trades In Gas For EV: Delivery & Impressions


This Tesla Model Y owner just took delivery of his all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. However, what\’s arguably more important is that he traded in his 2016 F-150 (gas-powered, of course) to get into the new electric version.

While we love a good highly produced YouTube video by a professional automotive reviewer and/or a celebrity-like influencer, this is actually the type of video many new EV owners may be looking for. Why? Because they may be able to more easily relate to it.

E-Hermes runs a personal YouTube channel with less than 1,000 subscribers, and the channel has only been active for about a year and a half. It seems he started the channel to share his Tesla Model Y with the world, though he clearly had grander plans in mind. He writes:

\”E-Hermes is dedicated to showing that electric vehicles are just as capable as gasoline powered vehicles to go on any travel adventure anywhere a car or truck can go and to demonstrate its advantages to camping and other outdoor activities. To do this we take our vehicles to fun but remote places in every season.\”

While the Model Y can certainly show the capability of EVs, E-Hermes\’ new Ford F-150 Lightning provides him with a much more direct comparison of how an electric vehicle compares to a gas-powered vehicle. Honestly, it appears to be the perfect fit considering his channel description above.

In this initial video, E-Hermes outlines the delivery experience as he trades in his gas-powered F-150 to make the transition to electric. He links to his previous video about his Model Y delivery experience so you can see how Ford and Tesla\’s processes differ.


E-Hermes\’ Tesla ownership has likely prepared him to get acquainted and comfortable with the Lightning more quickly, though he\’ll now be able to learn firsthand whether electric vehicles really are \”just as capable as gasoline powered vehicles.\” We\’d be lying if we didn\’t admit that we\’re excited about his upcoming coverage of the topic.

He takes us through the features of the F-150 Lightning Lariat, which he picked up for the true sticker price. There\’s plenty of candid footage from inside the dealership to give us an idea of how the situation unfolded. After sharing some key features, E-Hermes hits the road and provides his very first impressions of driving the F-150 Lightning.

Thanks to his experience with Tesla Autopilot, this new Lightning owner is especially interested in the truck\’s advanced driver-assist systems. He briefly demonstrates and discusses the truck\’s adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist at the beginning of his drive.

With all of that said,¬†we look very forward to E-Hermes\’ future coverage of the electric pickup truck. Check out the video for more details. Then, share your takeaways with us in the comment section below.


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